CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings has been revealed.Intentionally or not, we’re not sure, as the HD video floating around is noted as being an internal video. Scroll to the bottom to see it for yourself, or read on to find out what’s in it first.The video depicts members of the dev team talking about (and showing off) the technology and the new features in the game. Notable things are NPCs having daily lives – which is presumably expanded from the first game – and reacting to Geralt’s presence and actions if, say, you decide to smash a load of crates.Finishing moves are revamped, combat is more “dynamic, spectacular, and bloody,” with lots of blood splatters hitting the camera, and use of the Havok physics engine has let the team “expand the range of offensive moves.”There are also quick-time events, described as an innovation. Due to these and the odd in-battle conversation and cut-scene, the boss fight on display certainly looked very cinematic. This may or may not be a good thing. We’re willing to wait until we hear, see, and play more before even attempting to judge that one.The Witcher was an adult RPG with action-based combat, very grey morality choices, sex, nudity, lashings of blood and violence, and pretty much every naughty swear you can think of. Yes, even that one.No word on dates or on what systems The Witcher 2 will be on but the alpha build on display looks a lot like PC. The suspension of the first game’s console port will likely mean that it’s PC only, but we suppose there’s a chance that the resources were moved onto a port of the second game instead.UPDATE: The video has been confirmed as an internal video that has been unintentionally leaked. For more on CD Projekt RED’s response, read the latest story here

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