The Wrath of Lamb will be The Binding of Isaac’s only expansion

The Binding of Isaac is getting an expansion pack – it will be named ‘The Wrath of Lamb’, it will set you back $3 and it’s due on the next “2-4 months.” That’s all according to the game’s designer Edmund McMillen.
Details on the content of the expansion are a little thin on the ground, although we do know that it will come with a new set of items (known as ‘Trinkets’), the general item count will be increased from 131 to 205. Mysteriously, it will also contain a new special item dubbed ‘The Red Patch’.
According to Joystiq, The Wrath of Lamb will also include, “enemies, alt chapters, bosses, items, characters, challenges, new happenings and mechanics as well as a ton of other little details.” McMillen also said that after this expansion he’ll “close the book it.”
Earlier this week, McMillen revealed that a publisher (as yet unknown) is trying to secure a Nintendo 3DS release of The Binding of Isaac. He confirmed that if a 3DS port does happen it will include the expansion. If the 3DS port falls through, he has “other digital platforms” in mind – presumably XBLA, PSN and possible PS Vita and iOS/Android.
The Binding of Isaac was named as one of IncGamers Top 25 Games of 2011.

Paul Younger

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