Destiny 2 Stasis Fan Rework

This Destiny 2 fan-made Stasis rework needs to become a reality

Some new cool ideas.

Ever since its introduction in Beyond Light, Stasis has been on a weird journey in Destiny 2. For a short period, Stasis was dominating PvP and had plenty of fans using it in PvE content as well. But over time this is a subclass that hasn’t received much love from players or Bungie itself for that matter. Stasis has either become stale or is too weak in comparison to the other classes in the game now. And since Solar, Arc, and Void have all been completely revamped into their 2.0 counterparts, it’s left Stasis in a bit of a, well, stasis. Cue one player’s thoughts about how Stasis should be repackaged, and there are some great ideas here.

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Destiny 2: Let’s rework Stasis

Reddit user Derio_Games posted a comprehensive series of slides for their fan-made rework of Stasis. They thought about all the problems that the subclass faces now and came up with some awesome suggestions for what Bungie could do. As this is fan-made none of this is in the game, but perhaps Bungie will see it and get inspired soon.

As I see it, the current iteration of Stasis has two major problems. The first is that it isn’t quite as powerful as any other subclass at the moment. Frankly, it’ll take a lot for me to give up my Grappling Hook in Strand anyway. And that hits the nail on the head of the other problem, which is that Stasis is boring. Freezing enemies in itself is not an interesting perk of the class. Plus you aren’t rewarded with doing this as much as you should be. But with the ideas that Derio_Games has laid out, Stasis sounds much more exciting.

Destiny 2 Stasis Menu

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Shattering old ideas

This Stasis rework utilizes Stasis Crystals and plenty of effects like Slow, Freeze, and Shatter to give you buffs alongside new Fragments. Essentially, each ability would theoretically give more meaning to the Stasis toolset. And for actively freezing and shattering enemies, you’d be rewarded with lots of little buffs. The biggest problem with Stasis right now is that it just doesn’t feel very rewarding. So giving the player more to work with through simply playing the class naturally would make it far more enticing.

Derio_Games has also come up with a bunch of new grenade types that all sound brilliant. My personal favorite here is the Tectonic Grenade which would burrow into the ground and send out waves of Stasis energy. Each Class within Stasis sees massive changes as well. The Revenant is one of the weaker classes in the game, but with this, it would be far better. A new Super called Death’s Chill would allow you to conjure a Scythe and launch a wave that freezes targets. And while that’s not too crazy of an ability in itself, Scythes are neat and they need more representation so I’m all here for it.

Out of all the new ideas presented here, it’s the Warlock rework that gets me most excited. For starters, the concept of Ray of Frost where you use your melee ability to charge up a beam is so cool and I mean that literally. Then there’s the Absolute Zero Super that lets you throw pieces of your staff in three places. Then any enemies within or around those three pieces will Freeze and Shatter. For whatever reason these two ideas sound so fun and I’m going to need Bungie to implement them sooner rather than later.

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