Three New Dungeons Screenshots, Official Website Launched

The hero-bothering, dungeon-constructing title Dungeons is nearing its early February release window.
As it edges closer to that release period, some new screenshots have escaped from the underground. Developers Realmforge have also launched an official website, though this seems to be going through a couple of technical problems at the moment.
After I’d blindly stabbed at the day, month and year checkboxes, the site just sent me back to the age gate. Impressed, I assumed it had somehow realised I was lying about being born during World War II. But even after entering my real birth date, the same problem occured. This will no doubt be fixed in due course, so keep trying the link if you fancy seeing what the team has put up there.
In the mean time, enjoy the new screenshots. Dungeons is due on the PC next month.

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