Time Commanders, the slightly bizarre (but also sort of brilliant) show in which teams of British citizens with limited gaming skills played a version of Rome: Total War, is returning to the BBC. An application to take part in an upcoming third series is available on BBC Four’s site.

The summary of the new series doesn’t make specific reference to Creative Assembly or Total War, so it won’t necessarily be using one of those games; but it seems a bit unlikely the BBC would bring it back without this key aspect.

It does sound from the call for applicants that the format of the show will be slightly different, however. In the first two seasons, a team of four would control one army against AI opposition. For this new Time Commanders, it sounds like two teams of three will first tackle AI foes, and then play against each other.

“Two teams of three friends, family, or colleagues will take control of opposing ancient forces, facing our computer, pre-programmed by our historical experts, before they face off against each other in one of history‚Äôs biggest battles,” the application summary says.

If you fancy taking part in Time Commanders, the details are on BBC Four’s page. You need to be 18 or over and reply before 1 September to stand a chance on the battlefield.

For those people reading who have no idea what this is about, here are all the original episodes on YouTube.

Update 26 July: The Total War twitter account has now written about this, which suggests they still have interest or involvement in this show.

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