CD Projekt RED seems to have netted a few new juicy contracts, with a succession of classic games coming out for GOGcom. This is my personal recommendations list for the top 10 remastered, remade, or just plain reissued classics on GOGcom. We’re also stretching this a bit to include games with an old school aesthetic, and at least one straight up sequel.

Defender of the Crown  Cinemaware has finally signed up with GOGcom, and their initial salvo is the flagship title that made the companies’ name. In Defender of the Crown, you lead a group of Saxon knights in a quest to unite England and take it back from those terrible Normans and their giant castles. Cinemaware has gone the extra mile and is offering both the DOS and (in every way superior) Amiga versions of the game. Defender of the Crown raised the bar on presentation in strategy games and PC games in general, and today the game still holds up well.  Buy Here Now

DROD 4: Gunthro and the Epic Blunder Did the first few DROD games seem too intimidating? This is the game you need to play first. It serves as the prequel to the series, but also offers a smoother, lower barrier to entry. Get acquainted with DROD’s intimidating mechanics as Beethro Budkin narrates the tale of the first dungeon conquering smitemaster, his grandfather Gunthro.  Buy Here Now

Shadowgate Special Edition Shadowgate is a classic for Mac and Nintendo gamers alike. Between the NES, Mac, Game Boy Color, Windows, and N64, millions worldwide have endured and enjoyed this punishing, often puzzling, adventure. One Kickstarter later and the game has been revamped for modern systems. Along with the enhanced graphics is a more reasonable difficulty curve and remade tunes, but a lot of the same familiar elements and tropes that make Shadowgate what it is. If you’ve never entered this realm, this is the best way to experience the game today.  Buy Here Now

Reprisal Universe Reprisal Universe is a stylish, well designed retake on the Populous series, and itself a remake of a freeware RTS. The pixelated graphics, along with the unique tilt shift style  presentation, make this one a worthy play for old and new gamers alike. You are Thallos, a fallen demi-god working to gather his people, as well as the ten lost amulets of his tribes. You control nature’s elements, with 20 totem powers to collect, as well as 32 planets to explore. Buy Here Now

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition  OK, so this game isn’t even out yet (releasing October 15), but at a small discount for preorder, it comes highly recommended. One of the most critically acclaimed adventure games ever made has been reimagined and remade in high resolution 3D. The eponymous Gabriel Knight investigates a series of voodoo killings, and along the way, discovers the Gabriel family’s roots, as well as his ultimate destiny. The original developer, Jane Jensen, has brought back her baby for modern gamers, adding new scenes and puzzles to boot. Jane’s Pinkerton Road also commissioned the original composer, Robert Holmes, to remake the soundtrack. Buy Here Now

Hogs of War This humorous RTS may be mostly forgotten today, but it is a game worth coming back to for its rare parodic design, as well as for the comic styling of its voice actor, the late Rik Mayall. Take charge of one of six pig nations squabbling over the islands of Saustralasia. These nations, each a parody of a major country involved in World War I, are fighting to take control of swill, the life blood of pigs. Arm your grunts with upgrades to their classes, arms, even earning vehicles like tanks, and play across 25 regions. Hogs of War has not received the graphical upgrades the other games on this list have, but it definitely has a charm of its own. Buy Here Now

Sacred 2 Gold If you haven’t experienced the world of Sacred, GOGcom once again offers the best deal you can find for it anywhere. Bundling Sacred 2 Fallen Angel and its expansion, Sacred 2 Ice and Blood. The world of Ancaria is in disarray due to the disruption of a new energy source. While the Seraphim and Inquisitors squabble for control, the energy spreads and mutates the world’s inhabitants. Ice and Blood adds two regions as well as a new playable character. Overall, Sacred is know for straightforward hack and slash fun, and while it always stands under the shadow of Diablo, Sacred 2 is fun enough to acquire a dedicated fanbase on its own. Buy Here Now

AI War Collection A grand RTS series, this bundles AI War: Fleet Command and all six expansions for hours upon hours of gameplay. You are a human commander, grossly outnumbered by AI armies that have taken root throughout the galaxy. You and you 3,000 unit strong army takes on the AI’s 50,000, in a grand battle to take it all back. Of course, the big draw here is the game’s brilliant and unique algorithms, which will make you want to play over and over. AI War is one of the finest 4X games in existence.  Buy Here Now

Wasteland 2 Digital Deluxe Don’t run away from this bundle looking at the price, because it is offering incredible value. Get Wasteland 2 Digital Deluxe and you also get gift codes for the original Wasteland, as well as for The Bard’s Tale. Wasteland 2 itself is a spiritual predecessor to the Fallout series, and was given the grand modernization treatment it deserves. The classic turn based combat with RPG progression remains, but updated to fit modern sensibilities. Of course, the game’s presentation has received updates all around as well. Buy Here Now

realMyst Masterpiece Edition We end with one of many special editions and versions you can get of Myst. Released to celebrate the game’s 20th anniversary, RMME allows you to move real time in 3D as you would in modern FPP adventure games like Gone Home. If you would prefer OG point and click controls, that is in here too. Sweeping graphical and audio enhancements, including numerous environmental effects, make this the version to play for new gamers discovering the genre, and its progenitor, for the first time.  Buy Here Now


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