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Top 12 games like Escape From Tarkov

For when you're tired of being shot in the head/eyes

Escape From Tarkov offers a unique PvPvE Extraction Shooter experience. However, it’s not the only option if you’re looking for a change. Here are the top 12 games, like Escape From Tarkov.

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Best Alternatives to Escape From Tarkov

The titles on this list are in no particular order, but all share similarities with Escape From Tarkov. Some are full-fledged Extraction Shooters, while others tap into elements that make EFT so addictive.

Hunt: Showdown

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Hunt: Showdown is my favorite game on this list and a PvPvE masterpiece.

Missions are far more linear in Hunt than EFT but serve to ferry players around the map and encourage interactions. Hunt: Showdown is set in the early 1900s in the Louisiana Bayou with an arsenal appropriate to the period.

Enemy players are the biggest threat, but the dogs and monsters will quickly overwhelm you if you let them.

Combat in Hunt is wonderfully intense and strategic. Shootouts are tactical affairs that reward map knowledge and a steady hand. Your aiming skills really matter in Hunt, as most weapons aren’t automatic.

The binaural audio enhances the immersion, and you can accurately pinpoint threats through hearing alone. I could sing Hunt: Showdown’s praises for an entire article, but this is an exceptional game and a must play in the Extraction Shooter genre.


Top 12 games like Escape From Tarkov
Image: Small Impact Games

Marauders is arguably the closest game to Escape from Tarkov on this list. If you’re a fan of Extraction Shooters, you’ll immediately be familiar with the Marauders gameplay loop. 

Marauders is set in space with a distinct ‘steampunk’ setting. While extracting and PvPvE are staples of the title, there’s even ship combat. I’ve noticed a lot of players employing pretty cheesy tactics around exfils in Marauders, but it’s no worse than exfil campers on Interchange in EFT.

At the time of writing, Marauders has a small but dedicated fanbase. If you’re reading this list in the future, you may want to check the official subreddit to see how healthy the player base is.

Modern Warfare Zombies 

Top 12 games like Escape From Tarkov
Image: Activision

Modern Warfare Zombies is built on the ashes of DMZ, which was pretty similar to Escape From Tarkov in many ways.

While Zombies is a departure from the PvPvE of its predecessor, it’s still a PvE Extraction Shooter. Real-world enemies are replaced with Zombies and other supernatural horrors.

There are plenty of missions to complete, and the movement and shooting mechanics are finely tuned. As there are no real players to worry about, MWZ is rarely as tense as Tarkov, but it’s still fun with friends.

I know many people dislike Call of Duty, but it’s not as hardcore as Escape From Tarkov. Even if you’re on the fence, MWZ is free to play, so you have nothing to lose.


Top 12 games like Escape From Tarkov
Image: GSC Game World

I firmly believe that multiplayer completes the Escape From Tarkov experience. Other players add a variable you can’t control, even if they are on your team.

That said, if you’re after single-player Tarkov, you can’t get much closer than the STALKER series. 

Shadow of Chernobyl is arguably the most popular, but many fans would recommend playing them all. The story is superb, which makes sense, as the games are based on the novel ‘Roadside Picnic’ by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky.

The game is a first-person shooter at its core, but it has RPG elements and even a sprinkle of survival horror. Some characters feel oddly similar to vendors in Escape From Tarkov, as does the feeling of isolation and helplessness.

Gray Zone Warfare

Top 12 games like Escape From Tarkov
Image: MADFINGER Games

This game isn’t out yet but is scheduled to be released very soon. Gray Zone Warfare is a PvPvE Extraction Shooter set in the jungle.

While the general public has yet to play, we’ve seen a ton of raw gameplay from Streamers and Content Creators. What’s been shown already looks promising and ticks many boxes for Extraction Shooter fans.

I’ve seen several people declare Gray Zone Warfare a “Tarkov Killer.” While I think this is a ridiculous statement, I believe the title has potential and is worth watching. If you crave an Extraction Shooter with a more organic setting, Gray Zone Warfare might be for you.


Top 12 games like Escape From Tarkov
Image: Bohemia Interactive Studio

DayZ is a unique title as it’s a standalone title based on an ARMA 2 mod.

While DayZ isn’t an Extraction Shooter, its PvPvE gameplay is similar in many ways and is just as ruthless and punishing.

If you’re up for an unforgiving survival crafting game, DayZ may be a perfect fit, but it isn’t easy to get into. As a Tarkov player, you’re used to using the Wiki to learn everything, and you’ll rely on it even more here.

Honestly, I can’t get into this one, but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it. Many players proudly proclaim they’ve spent hundreds or even thousands of hours on DayZ, so it’s worth every penny if it grabs you.


Top 12 games like Escape From Tarkov
Image: Facepunch Studios

Escape From Tarkov feels like a survival game, especially if you stay in a Raid until the end. If you enjoy that aspect, you may like Rust.

Rust should need no introduction and is a brutally unforgiving PvPvE survival game. PvP is the main focus, but there’s an in-depth crafting system you can use to create a base.

Just like EFT, don’t get attached to your loot. If you die, you lose everything, and people can even destroy the house you painstakingly crafted. It sucks to lose everything in an instant, but it’s supremely satisfying to be the player reaping the rewards.

It’s not for everyone, but there’s a reason why Rust has maintained a player base for over a decade.

Dark and Darker

Top 12 games like Escape From Tarkov
Image: Ironmace

Dark and Darker is a punishing Extraction Shooter with a high-fantasy setting. I loosely use the term “Shooter” as some classes don’t even use projectile weapons.

In this brutal PvPvE world, there’s magic and monsters to contend with, and it’s impressive how well the theme fits the genre.

This title is a blast with friends, and the unique weapon selection opens a ton of creative strategies for those willing to experiment.

The learning curve is pretty steep, but if you understand Tarkov, many of those skills crossover. Give your modded AKM a rest, pick up a sword, and have some fantasy fun.

Arena Breakout

Top 12 games like Escape From Tarkov
Image: Morefun Studio Group

At the time of writing, Arena Breakout is strictly a mobile title, but it’s coming to PC soon.

It’s easy to write Arena Breakout off as an Escape From Tarkov clone, but there are enough differences between them. That said, If you’re looking for Tarkov on the go, this is the game for you.

Arena Breakout offers the euphoric highs and crushing lows you expect from Extraction Shooters. It doesn’t break the mold like Dark and Darker, for example, but it provides a fun, familiar experience.

Arena Breakout is available on mobile platforms and will be called Arena Breakout Infinite when it launches on PC.

Ghosts of Tabor

Image: Combat Waffle Studios

If you ever wondered what Escape From Tarkov would be like in VR, it would probably look like Ghosts of Tabor. 

Ghosts of Tabor offers the same tense PvP you’re used to on EFT, but the immersion is cranked up to the next level. The screenshot looks a little drab, but the visuals are much better when you’re wearing a headset.

I’m a massive advocate for VR gaming, and it really feels like you’re there in Ghosts of Tabor. If you have a headset, this title is absolutely worth checking out.

Helldivers 2

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Before you bemoan this unusual pick, hear me out. Helldivers isn’t a traditional extraction shooter but shares many similarities with the genre.

Missions follow a similar gameplay loop, with extraction being the end goal. You don’t lose your loadout if you fail, but you lose hard-earned samples, which can be just as punishing.

Helldivers 2 is a PvE masterpiece. Like EFT, it’s tactical and unforgiving, and you’ll die to your teammates’ rash decisions.

If you’re drawn to EFT’s punishing difficulty and are willing to trade Killa for killer bugs, it might be time to join this incredible galactic war.

Arma 3

Image: Bohemia Interactive Studio

Many players are drawn to Escape From Tarkov for its authenticity and attention to detail. While I don’t think EFT is as realistic as some proclaim, I get the appeal.

If you’re into deep tactical shooters with realism at the forefront, you can’t go wrong with Arma 3.

Arma 3 isn’t an extraction shooter but is a complex, open-world beast that takes hundreds of hours to learn. It’s an uphill struggle, but just like Tarkov, knowledge wins battles.

If you’re a firearm enthusiast, there’s plenty to enjoy, and tactical battles are just as rewarding as intense firefights in Dorms. 

There are a couple of creative picks on this list, but truthfully, there aren’t many games like Escape From Tarkov. The Extraction Shooter genre is notoriously hard to break into. For every success like Hunt: Showdown, there’s a failure like The Cycle: Frontier, which closed down a mere year after launch. 

Battlestate games have upset a lot of people with their Unheard edition of the game. Whether you’re taking a break because of the company’s business practices or you simply want to escape Tarkov for a while, there are still plenty of games to enjoy.

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