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Top 10 best Meta Quest games

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Meta Quest headsets offer arguably the most accessible way into VR gaming. The Meta Quest 3 has just been released at the time of writing. This launch has made the Meta Quest 2 more affordable than ever. If you’re diving into the VR gaming world, let me show you the top 10 best Meta Quest games.

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The best games to play on a Meta Quest headset

These titles are in no particular order, but I have included a few games that require external sources, like Steam on PC.

You can play many games on your Meta Quest by default, but some require Steam Link. You can download Steam Link on the Meta Quest to access your PC Steam account if you have one.

Beat Saber

Top 10 best Meta Quest games
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Let’s get a big one out of the way first. Beat Saber can sell VR headsets on its own. I got my original Oculus Rift just to play it. If you’ve been living under a rock, Beat Saber is a rhythm game where you hit incoming blocks with glowing swords in time to music. 

It’s a simple premise, but the tunes absolutely slap. There’s plenty to enjoy, no matter how hardcore or casual you are. Unlike the PSVR, you download custom songs on the Meta Quest to access more charts than you could ever realistically play.

Beat Saber is the perfect introductory title to VR, as it’s not nauseating. Typically, games that simulate movement can feel sickening until you’ve built up your VR legs. This groggy feeling shouldn’t happen in Beat Saber, and it’s a game that every VR gamer should own.

Pistol Whip

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It’s easy to write off Pistol Whip as “Beat Saber with guns,” but it’s so much more than that. In Pistol Whip, you shoot bad guys while trying to avoid bullets, and you score more points if you do so in time with the music.

Like Beat Saber, objects move toward you while you stand still, making Pistol Whip an excellent title for VR novices. You can play with a single pistol or rock one in each hand, and there’s a generous selection of stages. 

If you ask me, Pistol Whip is less like Beat Saber and more like a John Wick simulator. You feel like a badass, and there are dozens of in-game options to tune the experience to your liking.

Half-Life: Alyx

Top 10 best Meta Quest games
Image: Valve

We all know the joke about Valve and how they can’t count to three. For those clamoring for Half-Life 3, I urge you not to overlook this impressive take on the series. Half-Life: Alyx is a phenomenal game and arguably the most immersive shooter experience in VR. 

Shooting and interacting with the environment feels incredible, and the graphics are some of the best you’ll find on the system. If you’re a Half-Life fan or even just into shooters, this is an essential purchase, but there is a catch.

The issue with Half-Life: Alyx is you need a pretty beefy PC to play it. Steam Link is required, and the game can struggle on specific hardware. On the bright side, you can take advantage of Steam’s refund policy and return the title within two hours if it doesn’t work.

The Thrill of the Fight – VR Boxing

Top 10 best Meta Quest games
Image: Sealost Interactive LLC

If you want a game that will make you sweat and get your blood pumping, this title is for you. The Thrill of the Fight is a boxing game that’s wonderfully accessible. There’s plenty to do, including training drills against bags and dummies. 

Boxing is exhausting and offers a solid workout, even in VR. The Steam reviews are full of players praising how intense the game can be. I’m no athlete, but I couldn’t agree more!

Remember, you need plenty of space for this one. We’ve all seen videos online of people putting their hands through TVs and windows. The Thrill of the Fight is definitely a candidate for those types of accidents, so it may be unsuitable if you don’t have much room.

Robo Recall Unplugged

Image: Epic Games

Robo Recall is a beautiful first-person shooter where you fight to put rogue robots out of commission. Gunplay feels extremely satisfying. You reach to your hip to draw a handgun or over your shoulder for a shotgun.

There’s plenty of room to be stylish, too. You can grab robots and steal their guns. If you’re particularly sadistic, you can even tear their heads off! Robo Recall is a game where you’re encouraged to be creative, and it’s addictive and replayable because of it.

This is a great shooter for VR novices as you teleport to get around. The lack of motion may make the game slightly restrictive, but it shouldn’t trigger much nausea.

Space Pirate Trainer

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Space Pirate Trainer is arguably the most basic game on this list, but it’s fun and furiously addictive. There’s no story, and your goal is simply to blast flying robots with Sci-Fi weaponry.

The developer, I-Illusions, did great with the sound design in Space Pirate Trainer. Every gun sounds punchy, and the techno music is a perfect fit. You don’t need to move much, but you are still expected to avoid gunfire or use your shield as protection.

Space Pirate Trainer is the perfect VR game if you don’t have much time or just fancy some old-school high-score grinding. 

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

Top 10 best Meta Quest games
Image: Bethesda

Yes. You can play Skyrim in VR, and it mostly works well. Bethesda’s classic is incredible in VR. Caves are genuinely scary, and Skyrim is a breathtaking world inside the headset. Melee combat is fun, but archery is exceptional. If you ever wanted to feel like Legolas, I don’t think you’ll come much closer than this.

As you may expect from a Bethesda game, Skyrim VR isn’t without bugs. While I’ve not run into many myself, it’s clear from Steam reviews that many players run into problems. Still, there’s plenty to enjoy in Skyrim VR, and the title can even be modded like the regular PC version.

Blade and Sorcery

Image: WarpFrog

This recommendation is for players with strong VR legs, as it may be overwhelming otherwise. Blade and Sorcery is a stunning, ambitious Medieval Fantasy game complete with magic, sword fighting, and archery. 

Once you’ve gotten used to the controls, you can do death-defying tricks, and combat is supremely satisfying. You can easily lose dozens of hours to Blade and Sorcery, but you will need to build up your VR tolerance first.

This title uses manual movement. You can’t just teleport and must move as if playing a traditional first-person adventure. I got quite sick playing Blade and Sorcery for the first time, so I recommend slowly building up your playtime.

Asgard’s Wrath 2

Image: Oculus Studios

Asgard’s Wrath 2 joins Beat Saber and Half-Life: Alyx as impressive examples of how good VR games can be. If you’re into fantasy ARPGs, you’ll love what’s on offer here.

This title was made specifically for the Meta Quest by Oculus Studios. The result is a highly optimized adventure full of creative uses of VR tech. Asgard’s Wrath 2 is incredible, but like Blade and Sorcery, there are no teleport controls. You’ll be fine if you have strong VR legs but may struggle until you’ve built up your tolerance. 

Asgard’s Wrath 2 is bundled in with the purchase of a Meta Quest 3 but was also built to support the Meta Quest 2. 

Walkabout Mini Golf

Top 10 best Meta Quest games
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I expected Walkabout Mini Golf to be a throwaway VR experience, but I’m so happy to be proven wrong. Mini Golf works surprisingly well on the Meta Quest and is an excellent cozy game to relax with.

The locales are colorful and vibrant, and the developers went the extra mile to ensure the title is accessible. The ball physics are decent, and moving around is easy and comfortable.

There are a ton of high-intensity, exciting games on the Meta Quest, but I’m happy to recommend one you can wind down with to close this top ten list.

It’s taken a while, but there’s now a respectable library of games exclusive to VR platforms. If you’re new to VR, I recommend titles without much movement, like Beat Saber, before moving on to more intense games. 

If you’re taking a break from your headset and want to play some superb first-person shooters, check out our top 10 list of games like Bioshock.

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