torment: tides of numenera

InXile have released a pretty hefty patch for Torment: Tides of Numenera today, addressing (among other things), sluggish combat, missing banter, and absent object descriptions. General performance optimisations are noted too.

Version 1.02 of Torment: Tides of Numenera takes a balance pass over some of the ‘Crisis’ combat events, which should in turn make some of those events proceed more smoothly. A bug involving looping sound effects (one I’m pretty sure I fell afoul of during my review) should now be fixed too.

As well as the release of this patch, inXile have announced that Torment will be getting a new character (one previously included in the Kickstarter campaign but cut before release): Oom. They will also be adding “the Voluminous Codex, an expanded encyclopedia covering game world information, lore, and characters” (another aspect that was promised but didn’t make it to initial release). All of this will be coming in a free, future update.

Here are the main changes in Patch 1.02. Head to the patch announcement for the exhaustive, full notes (but beware of spoilers in those).

  • Fixed a large number of freezes that would happen in various states.
  • Numerous performance optimizations.
  • Addendum text should now be appearing on item descriptions. Many dozens of items now have more details depending on your lore skills and other factors!
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing party members from bantering. Party members should now be much more talkative!
  • Updated a number of crisis sequences to rebalance a number of enemies. In some situations, it will make combat proceed more quickly in encounters that were sluggish.
  • Numerous fixes and improvements to movement grid, pathing, and AI. This should prevent issues where the game would hang as combat could get stuck in numerous situations.
  • Several quest and conversation fixes.
  • Inspiring Presence and other looping sound effects have been removed.


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