Torment: Tides of Numenera

InXile have released a pretty hefty patch for the Torment: Tides of Numenera beta currently knocking about in Steam’s Early Access. It addresses some “critical bugs” reported by the community of players, and also has quite a few changes to quests, graphics, performance and, well, basically most areas of the game.

Here are the self-described highlights. Follow the link above if you want every single detail:


  • Heavy optimization pass to Fathom 13 scene.
  • Camera improvements.
  • Large balance passes.
  • Added hotkey support to the interface. Press I for Inventory, C for Character, M for Map, B for Quick Abilities, V for Quick Items, and J for Journal. Escape should close out of these menus, as should pressing their respective keys while the UI is open. Customizable hotkeys are not yet available.
  • Added Autosave functionality with three rotating slots.
  • Added Quicksave/Quickload functionality. Press F5 to quicksave, F6 to quickload.
  • Added a Shins (currency) display to the Inventory screen.
  • The camera should no longer pan while a menu is open.
  • Manifold miscellaneous optimizations to performance.
  • Updates to portrait artwork.
  • Fixed Broken Dome bug that could cause the intro cutscene/conversation to not play correctly. Should also fix misc. bugs that could be caused by user interface inputs falling through the UI.
  • Fixed Cypher Sickness not saving properly.
  • Fixed combat freeze-ups that could occur with repeat save/loads.
  • Cyphers can now be dragged to other characters. Cypher Sickness should no longer multiply in effect after save/load.
  • Issue with movement getting stuck on scene transition should no longer occur.



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