The Total War: Warhammer 2 patch and free Mortal Empires campaign update are out today, with the latter requiring a bit of finesse to download. Steam should get you the patch automatically (that’s a 4.5GB download). The ‘Blood and Gore’ pack for Warhammer 2 is here today as well.

To get Mortal Empires, it’s highly recommended you go through this link. Those who’ve been trying to get it via adding to the cart from the DLC section of Total War: Warhammer 2 (a reasonable assumption) have run into problems with Steam asking for ‘payment’ for the free add-on. Use the link to the separate page and you should be okay. Restart Steam if the button to download Mortal Empires isn’t showing up. It’s a 700mb or so download.

Basically, you want to see Mortal Empires show up in your list of Warhammer 2 DLC. If it says ‘not installed’ next to it, toggle the little check mark. That should prompt Steam to download the necessary files.

Keep in mind that you need to own both Warhammer 2 and the first game in order to play the new campaign. Warhammer 1 needs to be owned, but not necessarily installed (if you’re looking to save HDD or SSD space). If you owned the Blood DLC from the first game, you should automatically own it for the second. If not, it’s a paid affair.

The new version of Norsca isn’t in Mortal Empires yet. They, along with the changes to the Old World Lords that were in the ‘Foundation Update’ to the first game, will be coming at a later date. Here’s a gore-filled trailer.

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