Creative Assembly have announced the time when Total War: Warhammer will be unlocked and playable on Steam. 24 May is, of course, the release date; and a company Facebook posting lists the game as being playable from 8am BST on that day.

    Here’s what that time means for regions outside the UK.

    West Coast US: Midnight, 24 May (as soon as the clock ticks over from 23 May).
    East Coast US: 3am, 24 May.
    Japan: 4pm, 24 May.
    Australia: 5pm, 24 May.
    For most of Europe, it’ll be 9am.

    Pre-loading for the game began on Steam at the end of last week.

    You may have noticed that the PC Invasion review of Total War: Warhammer hasn’t gone up yet. We did receive a review code from SEGA, but the release date happens to coincide with an international vacation I’m currently on. Reviewing will begin in earnest next week, with a full written piece to follow as soon as I’ve spent enough time with the game.

    We’ve also got a quickie vote on Twitter for the two big releases this week that the gaming intertubes are excited about.


    Peter Parrish

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