Tower of Fantasy: How to get Vitality

Tower Of Fantasy How To Get Vitality Guide

As expected of a gacha game, there are a lot of currencies in Tower of Fantasy. One of these currencies is Vitality, a resource used for various activities. It’s very important to use as much Vitality as possible to progress your account. Here’s our guide on how to get Vitality in Tower of Fantasy.

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What is Vitality used for in Tower of Fantasy?

Vitality is an essential resource that you should be using every day. It is what a good chunk of Tower of Fantasy‘s daily content is directly tied to. Its main use is to farm energy crystal dust by completing various missions through the adventure interface.

The adventure interface can be found by holding left ALT to enter cursor mode and then clicking the two crossed swords at the top right of the open-world interface. This will open up a separate menu with ‘Select’ as one of the tabs. Clicking Select will display all five missions that you can spend Vitality on in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower Of Fantasy Adventure Mission Select What To Use Vitality On Crystal Dust Store

Although it depends on what you are looking for, Dimensional Trials are usually the best use of Vitality.

These missions are Joint Operation, Dimensional Trials, Interstellar Exploration, Omnium Beacon, and Spacetime Domain. Not all of these are unlocked straight away, with some having specific unlock requirements. For example, Spacetime Domain isn’t unlocked until level 29.

Each of these missions costs Vitality to begin, and award energy crystal dust once completed. Energy Crystal Dust can be spent in the Crystal Dust Store on booster modules, equipment, and gifts for your simulacra. As an added bonus, these missions also award materials that can be used to augment and level up your weapons.

How to get Vitality in Tower of Fantasy

For most players, there is no specific way to earn Vitality. This is because you earn Vitality passively by just letting time pass. More specifically, for every eight minutes of time that passes you are given one Vitality point. The current cap of 180 Vitality it will take exactly 24 hours to max from zero.

This is a hard limit that there is only one way to bypass. Unsurprisingly, those that are willing to pay up can get themselves some extra Vitality to use each day. At the cost of 50 Dark Matter, you can buy a Vitality solution in Tower of Fantasy from the HOT store. This solution instantly recovers 60 Vitality, the equivalent of eight hours of waiting.

Tower Of Fantasy 60 Vitality Solution Buyable With Dark Matter Currency

It isn’t a recommended method but the option to use Dark Matter to get more vitality is there.

Dark Matter itself is technically not a paid-only currency. It can be earned by completing achievements, discovering world exploration markers, and more. However, most players should only spend Dark Matter on Red Nuclei, as this offers you the chance to roll for limited banner characters.

Realistically, the only players who can justify purchasing extra Vitality are those who buy a lot of Tanium. Each Tanium package provides Dark Matter when they are purchased for the first time. This extra Dark Matter is enough that it can be worth buying Vitality solutions as well as Red Nuclei.

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