Secrets. Mysteries. Deception. Demons. This is the least you can expect as you play Exile Saga, the new PC game from Meraki Games.

On May the 2nd of 2014, Meraki Games launched a Kickstarter campaign which has since attracted nearly 60 backers and over $2000 in pledges.

“Proof that RMXP games can be pretty, project looks nice good job!” – via Twitter

Exile Saga is a new, but old-style indie Role Playing Game (RPG) with elements of an Adventure Game. The game has a lot of classic and custom features. Among them are: a customized, overhead, action battle system, skill trees, magic, swords and guns, epic dungeons and an intricate plot, an original soundtrack and much more.

Moving through a world in which demonic forces have taken over and enslaved much of humanity, you unravel mysteries, uncover secrets, and share the fate of our three young heroes.

“The game is set in a world of evil. Unlike most JRPGs that are doused in lore and a story of a 1000 years, Exile Saga’s backstory only takes place 18 years later to a cataclysmic event that caused the world to plunge into darkness…You play as a genuine hero of war…creating history as you move through the narrative, major characters haven’t played a part yet with only one major event taking place. I felt eased into the game gently.” The Masquerader Gaming Network blog, WordPress, 19/5/14

Exile Saga has promising traditional rpg aspects such as leveling, different classes, challenging puzzles, and intense combat. The encounters are far from random; enemies wander the world seeking vulnerable (and tasty) morsels and they will often chase you down. In the wilderness in the remains of the world you go dungeon crawling with only a flashlight to lead you through danger. Some encounters need to be fought, other times encounters require sneaking past. Many challenges await you outside the safety of the monastery where the story begins.

The gamer experiences the world and battles many foes through the eyes of three young adventurers; Aedan, Mira and Sienna. You stand with them as they fight the overwhelming Empire of Nera, a demonic empire who invaded and conquered the entire world, and enslaved or destroyed all but the last remaining bastions of humanity.

In battle it is possible to switch between the three of them so that the player has close control over what happens. Sometimes it’ll be needed to have ranged offensive, sometimes close combat and sometimes it’ll be best to play a healer for a while. Aside from all having their own specialties, the characters also have their own skill trees with which it is possible to customize even more. This makes for easy, comfortable gaming, exactly to the player’s specific preference.

If you want to learn more about Exile Saga, or when you are looking for more information, please refer to the kickstarter site. It’s also there possible to download the free alpha version for Windows, MAC and Linux OS.

The Kickstarter campaign will run until June 2nd and features a variety of perks for backers including a copy of the game, posters, and the ability to design your own NPC, boss NPC and storyline.

“Creating games has always been a dream of us. As avid roleplayers ourselves, we love telling stories. You can tell a story in so many ways; you can write it down as a novel, you can create an animated film about it, you can dream up a play or a collection of poems or a song… Or you can make a game. ” – Mark, Kyle, Sharyn and Kim, at Meraki Games

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