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The colorful world of Trine 4 is getting expanded this month on PC, when a new story DLC hits. Publisher Modus Games has revealed the planned content today and although the release is close, a date hasn’t been specified. The add-on will come to all PC versions of the game: Steam, Origin, GOG, and the Humble Store.

Trine 4 – Melody of Mystery is set to deliver six brand new levels as a story campaign DLC. The game’s three heroes will return to the Astral Academy, where the academy’s students have been placed into an “enchanted slumber.” Expect the DLC to cover yet more colorful, magical worlds then, much like the rest of the series.

There’ll be some new gameplay opportunities too. Melody of Mystery will add upgraded abilities to the trio’s already established arsenal, where each character has a unique role to play. New physics based puzzles will be present too — a staple of the series. This time, new environments mean these puzzles will involve elements like sheets of ice, torches, magnets, and crystals. To accompany the reveal, Modus Games has launched a teaser trailer showing a little bit of what’s in store.

The enchanting Trine

If you’ve never picked up a Trine game before, they are a platforming delight. There aren’t precision move-sets and testing time trials here, but Trine delivers a different type of platforming experience. It’s all about exploring a magical world as three unlikely heroes, where physics-based puzzles will be your main obstacle. Combat is present too, but it’s light hearted and rarely much of a challenge.

Trine 4 Eagle

The series’ 2.5D visuals are the real star of the show, though. While the third entry attempted a more 3D world, most of Trine provides a simple 2D playing field, where wonderfully crafted backgrounds pop in the distance. Trine 4 brought the series back to these roots, and the DLC looks to provide more of the same, which is fine by us.

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