Trion Unveils New RIFT Instance – King’s Breach

Trion Worlds has released some information pertaining to one of the instances that will be present in Rift: Planes of Telara.
Going by the name of King’s Breach, it seems this area is the focus of a clash between elementals from the planes of Life and Death. Rumour has it that the epicenter of this battle serves as a backdoor to the sealed Dwarven delve of Lord’s Hall – and both forces seek entry to this place.
It may be possible for players to exploit this near-endless siege for their own purposes, and strike a blow against both the armies of life and death.
Remember that the first closed beta event for Rift kicks off on 3 December. The IncGamers keys were going fast over the weekend, but may still be worth a try.
Look below for some images of King’s Breach.


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