June 19th, 2017

Uber Entertainment hit with layoffs

Uber Entertainment

Following the cancellation of Human Resources jobs are lost at the Planetary Annihilation developer.

Uber Entertainment has been hit by layoffs and this news comes shortly after the cancellation of the Kickstarter for a new strategy title called Human Resources.

At one point Uber looked as if they might make their funding goal for Human Resources after a spurt of cash from backers midway through the campaign, but it wasn’t enough so the plug was pulled.

A tweet which has been posted today confirms that staff are being let go.

“Layoffs at Uber Ent today. Please reach out if you are seeking talent to add to your team. I have a list of names, folios and contact infos.”

After successfully funding Planetary Annihilation, Uber thought that it might be possible to get the new title funded and were looking for a very hefty $1.4m. Uber appear to have been hit with the common problem of potential backers not completely happy with the first game, Planetary Annihilation, which some view as being incomplete.

Despite reassurances that Planetary Annihilation would have a separate team working on the game post-release, the PA community voted with their wallets and funding for Human Resources just simply wasn’t enough.

As of writing it has not been confirmed how many jobs have been lost.


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