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Maybe they’re here to help us … Oh.

Uber Entertainment has today launched a new multiplayer RTS Kickstarter campaign for a title called Human Resources. It’s not about the struggle to provide a bureaucratic organisation with a comprehensive paper trail to get yourself some paid holiday time, but instead about the battle between rogue AI machines and Lovecraftian ancient ones.

The funding goal is set at $1,400,000 USD, and Uber is quite keen to point out that this game would be made by a separate team to the one still busy with Planetary Annihilation. That title may have left Early Access recently, but received a mixed critical response and is still missing some fairly sizeable features. Like the ability to play single player offline, for a start.

That makes a few lines of the Human Resources pitch a bit on the questionable side. I think a few Planetary Annihilation players would be raising eyebrows at the implication that this game was carried “from pitch to final polish.”

However, as mentioned, Uber say “The Planetary Annihilation team will continue to support that game and release updates.”

So, back to Human Resources, which aims to bring two asymmetrical factions together in a titanic clash of apocalyptic human-eating. Humans seem to be the great driving factor behind both war machines (hence the title,) and snacking on them an inherent part of the game. The long-term intent, as stated in the pitch video (below) is to add other apocalypse themed factions at a later date.

By the sounds of things, Human Resources will be another multiplayer-focused skirmish game affair. The Kickstarter page promises games for up to eight players on procedurally generated maps, but no mention of single player.

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