Ubisoft has explained its decision not to include a co-op mode in the upcoming Call of Juarez prequel.Bound in Blood follows the story of the McCall brothers, Ray and Thomas, as they search for the fabled Juarez treasure. Much of the game is played with the brothers side by side, leading many fans to ask why no co-op mode was added to the game.In a Q&A session on the Ubi forums, UK community manager Ubi.Vigil explained that the decision was made to preserve the strong narrative in the game.“Story is very important in both Call of Juarez games,” he said.“We didn’t want to create a generic FPS where cowboys could be swapped for space marines or navy seals without making a difference.”“Thus came the decision to focus on the single-player experience,” he added, “and making playing as each of the McCalls a chance to see the story from a slightly different perspective which shifts even more as the rift between brothers grows deeper.”Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood is due to release this Friday on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Look out for our review tomorrow.

Paul Younger
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