The latest game to be given away through EA’s Origin sales platform is Ultima 8 Gold Edition. In a slightly awkward twist, I haven’t actually played Ultima 8 (Gold Edition or otherwise,) so I can’t really comment on whether it’s any good or not.

From reading around, it seems like having to follow-up a classic like Ultima 7 proved to be a pretty daunting task and Ultima 8 received the ever-popular “mixed reception.”

Still, there’s now an easy way to find out what the game’s like, because it’s free for the near future. Origin doesn’t really set a time limit for its ‘On The House’ releases, other than “it’ll go away at some point.” If you’re interested (and already have/don’t mind creating an Origin account) you should probably just popĀ Ultima 8 in your library now.

Once claimed, it’ll remain in there.

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