V Rising: Cursed Forest boss guide — V Blood bosses and rewards

V Rising Cursed Forest Boss Guide

The Cursed Forest is found on the northeastern edge of V Rising’s map. There are very few living humans in this swampy area, as it’s mostly populated by creepy creatures and the undead. As such, you’ll have fewer options when looking for Blood Pool replenishment, but you can still hope for the best. Here’s our V Rising Cursed Forest boss guide to help you with all the locations of major enemies and V Blood sources in this eerie locale.

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V Rising Cursed Forest boss guide and V Blood rewards

Below, you’ll see the map of the Cursed Forest in V Rising, as well as the approximate locations of the bosses in the region. They have been numbered according to their recommended power level/gear score listing in the Blood Altar. Lastly, be reminded that some bosses respawn after several hours have passed in-game.

V Rising Cursed Forest Boss Guide 1a

1. Ungora the Spider Queen

  • Recommended Level/Gear Score: 60
  • Location: Spider Cave
  • Vampiric Powers/Abilities: Volatile Arachnid
  • Crafting Structures and Recipes: Ghostyarn, Silk, and Spiderling

Given that Ungora is located deep inside a cavern, you’ll know that this fight will lead to a lot of add cleanup. The battle itself is somewhat straightforward, as Ungora mostly uses poison globules, poison residue on the ground, and webbings. What does make it harder is the abnormal number of mobs that will continuously spawn until you drop your foe.

V Rising Cursed Forest Boss Guide 1b

2. The Duke of Balaton

  • Recommended Level/Gear Score: 62
  • Location: Swamp of Greed
  • Vampiric Powers/Abilities: Toad Form
  • Crafting Structures and Recipes: N/A

The Duke of Balaton is a hulking bullfrog, with matching attacks to boot. Apart from summoning a couple of amphibious annoyances, it’ll also do a poisoned scale eruption, a leaping attack, and a tongue lash. Beware of the last one, as the boss can pull and chew on your character. This momentarily stuns you, which could lead to unavoidable damage if you’re not careful.

V Rising Cursed Forest Boss Guide 2

3. Foulrot the Soultaker

  • Recommended Level/Gear Score: 62
  • Location: Ancient Village
  • Vampiric Powers/Abilities: Mist Trance
  • Crafting Structures and Recipes: Phantom’s Veil, Spectral Dust, and Banshee

As with most other spectral or undead bosses in V Rising, Foulrot the Soultaker and his merry comrades will hamper you with weakening and fear effects (the latter will cause you to run away for several seconds, even interrupting any channeled abilities). He also loves to teleport around before striking you.

V Rising Cursed Forest Boss Guide 3

4. Matka the Curse Weaver

  • Recommended Level/Gear Score: 72
  • Location: Nest of the Curse Weaver
  • Vampiric Powers/Abilities: Unstable Mosquito
  • Crafting Structures and Recipes: Schematic and Mosquito

Matka the Curse Weaver’s summons are mosquitoes. Not only will they buzz around to hit you, but the spawns at later stages of the fight will explode. Matka also casts several screaming skulls in a wide circle, and some projectiles also have tracking capabilities. At the very least, you do gain the all-important Schematic blueprint. This allows you to unlock new technologies from the Athenaeum. In turn, you’ll receive some top-tier items in the game.

V Rising Cursed Forest Boss Guide 4

5. Nightmarshal Styx, the Sunderer

  • Recommended Level/Gear Score: 76
  • Location: Traveling around the southeastern road between the Witch Hut, Spider Cave, and Ancient Village
  • Vampiric Powers/Abilities: Bat Form
  • Crafting Structures and Recipes: N/A

You’ll stumble upon Nightmarshal Styx when you least expect it, and he’ll probably get the drop on you. He’s got lightning-fast attacks, including multiple teleports and blood cyclone projectiles. At certain intervals, he’ll also dissipate into a cloud of bats, causing Withered Vampire mobs to spawn. Beware of them, as well as other hostiles that might get aggroed along the road. Once defeated, Nightmarshal Styx grants you the Bat Form power, finally letting you fly to otherwise unreachable areas.

V Rising Cursed Forest Boss Guide 5

6. Gorecrusher the Behemoth

  • Recommended Level/Gear Score: 78
  • Location: Lair of the Behemoth
  • Vampiric Powers/Abilities: Wisp Dance
  • Crafting Structures and Recipes: N/A

Gorecrusher the Behemoth is the final Cursed Forest boss that you’ll face in V Rising. Some of his abilities will remind you of those used by warrior-type opponents are larger monsters that you’ve beaten in the past. These include ramming attacks, AoE leaping smashes, and ground cascading ground eruptions. The key factor here is that Gorecrusher also spawns spirit creatures that you need to defeat before he can be damaged once more. If you want to see how the fight progresses, you can watch the video below from YouTuber Fortizar.

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