Valheim Eikthyr Boss Guide

Valheim boss guide — How to beat Eikthyr

Rudolph, the Lightning-nosed Reindeer

Eikthyr is Valheim‘s first boss and a worthy challenge for all newbie resurrected Vikings. This lightning-infused stag has some shocking attacks (pun intended). Here’s our guide to help you out.

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Note: Valheim is currently an Early Access title. As such, mechanics and content may change in due course. For more information, check out our Valheim guides and features hub.


Valheim boss guide: Defeating Eikthyr

Getting started: Eikthyr’s location, altar sacrifice, and ideal gear

A short while after playing Valheim, you’ll be able to battle Eikthyr. First, check the red runestone at your original spawn location (summoning stone circle).

Interacting with it reveals the fearsome stag’s location on the map.

Vlh Bss Ekt 1

Next, you need 2x deer trophies since you’ll use these as a sacrifice. Make sure you’re able to craft starter gear such as the crude bow since that’s what you’ll be using to hunt deer. Likewise, you’ll want to have the leather armor set. As for other weapons, you’ll want a flint axe and a shield (i.e., wood shield or wood tower shield).

Once you’re able to do these things, you know that you’re ready to take on Eikthyr. Don’t forget to bring three different kinds of food with you. Eat these prior to the fight so your health can keep regenerating over time.

Vlh Bss Ekt 2

Anyway, let’s say you made it to Eikthyr’s altar. Simply open your inventory and drag 2x deer trophies to a numbered slot. Check the altar and press the keybind to place your sacrifice.

The screen will turn blood red, and Valheim‘s first boss will spawn.

Vlh Bss Ekt 3

Eikthyr’s attacks and abilities

Eikthyr’s attacks are fairly basic and easily telegraphed, though you’re in for a world of hurt if you get hit:

  • Stag Rush – This is a normal attack where the boss just lunges at you.
  • Lightning Strike – The boss will rear and lightning will burst forth in a frontal cone or as an AoE blast.

Valheim Eikthyr Boss Guide 1

As long as you’re facing your foe, you should be able to block its attacks. If you’re using a tower shield, you could mitigate all damage, too.

Since the stag runs off before charging back towards you, you could also replenish a bit of stamina if you feel a bit drained from attacking and blocking. Likewise, you could shoot it with a bow while it’s further away.

Valheim Eikthyr Boss Guide 2

Eikthyr’s loot and Forsaken Power

Once Eikthyr’s dead, you’ll get the following loot:

  • Hard Antlers x3 – This material lets you craft the Antler Pickaxe which can be used to farm stone and ores.
  • Eikthyr Trophy – Return to the summoning stone circle/original spawn area and hang this on the rock with a stag’s outline. You’ll get a unique ability that decreases the stamina drained when running or jumping. This buff has a five-minute duration with a 20-minute cooldown.

Valheim Eikthyr Boss Guide 3

Valheim is available on Steam as part of the Early Access program. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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