September 5th, 2017

Valve ditches the Steam Controller touchscreen

As Valve continue to mess with the design of the Steam Controller they revealed at Steam Dev Days that the touchscreen has now been removed from the device.

Do PC gamers really need a touchy feely thing in the middle? Probably not and I think it’s a good move remove it. Everything else remains where it is until they decide to shift stuff around if feedback from testers indicates it needs changing.

There are some neat features with the controller such as shared keybindings. The more bindings are shared and upvoted, the more likely a single binding will become a game’s default controller configuration.

For gamers with loads of mates, up to 16 controllers can hook into a Steam Machine through Bluetooth, although I can’t think of any games right now that could make use of so many players all at the same time. Still, it’s more than consoles so it’s two fingers up to Microsoft and Sony.

The controller will likely change again but it’s now conforming to the standard D-Pad configuration gamers are used to with the two thumbpads still there from the original design.

The new controller now looks like the image below in case you were wondering. Yes, it still looks like an Owl or Horace from Horace and the Spiders.

steam controller

Thanks TheInQuation for the image.

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