Valve’s Doug Lombardi has told IncGamers that Left 4 Dead will continue to be supported by Valve, and that Left 4 Dead 2 will have more features than currently known.We asked Lombardi about how Valve planned to support the original fans, and get the community involved in Left 4 Dead 2 following the nerd-rage that ensued following the announcement.Lombardi explained that most of the confusion comes from E3 – “You go to that show to announce new products; you don’t go to that show to announce DLC or updates or anything like that. […] In announcing Left 4 Dead 2 in no means were we trying to signal that Left 4 Dead 1 was part of our history.””We have a plan for ongoing support, there’s new content coming that we’re going to be announcing. We just put out matchmaking stuff for the mod content that’s coming out on the PC side, we did the Survival Pack that was in April – we managed to get that out on 360 for free as well which we thought was a pretty cool achievement,” elaborated Lombardi.”The other side [of the controversy] is that we haven’t shown or talked about everything that’s in Left 4 Dead 2. So if they judged it solely on the E3 demo they probably have a different opinion than if you saw the full plan. […] When the game comes out there should be some surprises in there that we kept a secret during the campaign.”So, we can expect more DLC for Left 4 Dead, and it sounds like there’ll be a lot more content in the sequel than is known. We’ll find out more in the coming months.Keep an eye out for the full interview with Doug Lombardi, coming soon.

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