Vampire Survivors: Golden Eggs guide

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The late game in Vampire Survivors is largely defined by a single item: the Golden Egg. These Eggs can be found by completing various difficult deeds, and they reward the character who finds them with permanent, if minor, stat boosts that persist across all future runs. The exact mechanics of these gilded gametes aren’t made 100% clear in-game, however, which is where our Vampire Survivors Golden Eggs guide comes in.

Read on to discover what Golden Eggs do, and where you can find them, in Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors: Golden Egg guide

What do Golden Eggs do?

Stat Boosts

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Each time you collect a Golden Egg, it permanently increases a random stat for the character who collected it, across all of their future runs. These boosts don’t take effect mid-stage, so you’ll need to start a new run post-Egg to feel the effects. Here’s a full list of the boosts Golden Eggs in Vampire Survivors can give:

Stat Boost
Max Health +1
Recovery +0.1
Armor +0.1
Amount +0.1
Revival +0.1
Reroll +0.1
Movement Speed +1%
Might +1%
Projectile Speed +1%
Duration +1%
Area +1%
Luck +1%
Growth +1%
Greed +1%
Curse +1%
Cooldown -0.5%
Magnet +0.3
Skip +0.2
Banish +0.2

These are all incredibly incremental boosts, meaning you won’t start to notice their effects until you stack up quite a few Golden Eggs. You can check how many Golden Eggs each of your Vampire Survivors has, as well as their total stats, on the character select screen.

How to get Golden Eggs

Next in our Golden Eggs Guide for Vampire Survivors, we’ll discuss how you can acquire the Eggs themselves. There are three ways to get Golden Eggs, which vary in difficulty considerably. They are as follows:

Option 1: Golden Eggs from Atlantean enemies


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Once you’ve acquired the Yellow Sign Relic, four new items will appear in every stage: the Silver Ring, Gold Ring, Metaglio Left, and Metaglio Right. Picking one of these items up will cause a powerful Atlantean enemy to appear and follow you around. These enemies have a lot of health and deal high damage, but thankfully they move quite slowly. Each time you defeat one, it will drop a Golden Egg. If you pick up all four of the aforementioned items in a stage, you can face up to four Atlanteans, and acquire up to four eggs during that Vampire Survivors run.

Option 2: Golden Eggs from Red Death

Red Death

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Vampire Survivors’ ultimate foe, Red Death, appears at the end of every stage to cut your life short at 30 minutes. While seemingly invincible, you can actually defeat him using an intricate process detailed in this guide. Each time you pull off this impressive feat, Red Death will drop five Golden Eggs for the character who slayed him. While you can defeat Red Death using various alternative methods, he will only drop Golden Eggs if you use the method involving the Infinite Corridor and Crimson Shroud weapons.

Option 3: Golden Eggs from the Vampire Survivors Merchant

The last, and arguably easiest, way of acquiring Golden Eggs is simply to purchase them from the Merchant. Provided you have the Glass Vizard Relic, the Merchant will appear next to your start location in every stage, and will sell you any number of Golden Eggs for 10,000 Gold each. Once you’ve established a Gold farming strategy, you can buy Golden Eggs in huge quantities this way, turning your favorite character into an unstoppable, game-breaking monstrosity.

Now that our guide has taught you everything you need to know about Golden Eggs in Vampire Survivors, you’ll be able to scale up your characters to take on every late-game challenge the game has to offer.

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