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Vampire Survivors: How to unlock Big Trouser

The Baron of britches, the pantaloon Prince.

Big Trouser is a key character in Vampire Survivors, representing your best option when it comes to late-game Gold farming. Appropriately, for such an important character, he’s also quite tricky to unlock. Though Vampire Survivors essentially tells you how to unlock Big Trouser, the actual process of doing so is far from straightforward.

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That’s where this guide comes in. Read on for in-depth instructions on how to add this long-legged legend to your roster of survivors.

Unlocking Big Trouser in Vampire Survivors

Step 1: Head to Moongolow

Moongolow stage

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Your hint for unlocking Big Trouser, as given by the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane, is one of the most straightforward in the game: “Run away from Moongolow with all 16 accessories mastered.” Naturally, the first step here is to head to the Moongolow Bonus stage. If you haven’t unlocked it yet, check out our guide for details on how to do so.

Unlocking Big Trouser requires you to level up all 16 passive items in the stage to their maximum level, which will require around 58 levels total. Given that you’ll also need to put some levels into your weapons in order to survive, and that time is of the essence since Moongolow has a 15-minute limit, the best strategy here is to choose a character with bonuses to Growth, such as Imelda Belpaese or Gains Boros.

Step 2: Collect all 16 passive items

Moongolow is unique in that it has 16 different passive items just lying around for you to pick up at your leisure. In a normal run, this lets you easily tailor your build to how you want it, but in order to unlock Big Trouser, you’ll need to grab all 16. You don’t need to grab them all at once, however, and you may not want to, since doing so will make your level ups inconsistent.

A good plan is to focus on key Growth passive items, such as the Crown and Skull O’Maniac, first, then pick up the others after. This will ensure you have a solid foundation in place before you proceed, and make the process smoother overall.

Step 3: Level all passive items to their maximum

All passive items maxed out

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This is where the real challenge comes in. Leveling up all 16 passive items to their maximum is difficult, and requires some pre-planning to execute consistently. As mentioned above, you’ll want to grab the Crown item as soon as possible upon starting the stage, and spend your first few levels on maxing that out.

From there, put some levels into maxing out one or two weapons, since you will need serious firepower to endure the later waves of this stage. Next, you’ll want to pick up the Skull O’Maniac and focus on maxing that out, since increased Curse will increase the quantity of enemies that spawn, and therefore the amount of experience you gain.

From here, you can pick up the rest of the passive items and just level them up as you go. Order isn’t especially important, but the Spinach is great for a damage boost, and the Clover will give you more level up options, which will make things more consistent.

Step 4: Quit out of the stage

Quitting the stage

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This part is quite counterintuitive, but trust us on this. Once you’ve leveled all 16 passive items to their maximum, which you can check at any time on the pause screen, you’ll need to quit out of the stage (the “run away” part of the hint) in order to unlock Big Trouser in Vampire Survivors. To do so, simply pause the game, navigate to the Options menu, and select Quit. This is important, as ending the run via the traditional method of surviving the full 15 minutes will not cause Big Trouser to be unlocked.

Step 5: Purchase Big Trouser and enjoy!

Buying Big Trouser

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Once the process is complete, you’ll be able to purchase Big Trouser on the character select screen. He gains 1% Greed every level, and his Gold Fevers last longer than normal, making him ideal for Gold farming. In addition, he also starts with the Candybox weapon, which lets you choose any basic weapon at the start of your run, meaning you can get your run off to an ideal start.

Now that you know how to unlock Big Trouser in Vampire Survivors, you’ll never have to worry about money again, and you’ll soon have more Golden Eggs than you know what to do with.

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