As most of you already know the Metal Gear franchise has been causing some hysteria among gamers yet again, having multiple teasers of possible upcoming Metal Gear games and generally trying to confuse us all as much as possible about what is really next for the franchise.

    Well it seems some more light could be shed on the situation on Metal Gear’s 25th Anniversary.

    Gaming Everything writes:

    Yoji Shinkawa “is preparing a very special surprise” for Metal Gear’s 25th Anniversary, a message on the franchise’s official Facebook reads:

    “Shinkawa is preparing a very special surprise for our MG 25th Anniversary. Do you want him to personally answer your questions? Leave them in a comment now!”

    Shinkawa has a long history with Metal Gear. Best known as an artist, Shinkawa has often provided character designs for the different titles in the series.

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