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As mentioned in our official review and beginner’s guide, you can level-up quickly in Vigil: The Longest Night. This is primarily due to having loads of character skills and perks that you can unlock. In my case, I finished my first playthrough with Leila at level 47. Here’s our skills and perks guide to help you out.

Note: I predominantly focused on character buffs, two-handed/heavy weapons, and a bit of bow mastery. Likewise, even though I finished Vigil: The Longest Night‘s campaign, I didn’t encounter an NPC or object that let me reset my skill points.


Vigil: The Longest Night – Skills and perks guide for your character

Update: I’ve been informed by a Redditor (Rizzle0101) that there’s a way to reset your skill points in Vigil: The Longest Night. It’s actually in a hidden area that I never found during my playthrough.

First, you’ll need to reach the Depressing Forest. As you climb upwards and to the left, you’ll encounter a monster bear. After a bit of double-jumping on a waterfall, you’ll eventually stumble upon a cliffside. Heading to the left past the chasm will let you discover a save point as well as the Skill Master NPC.

The Skill Master NPC lets you reset your skill points or allocate those points to increase stats such as your health, attack, stamina, and more. You can watch the video below from YouTuber Kryogen:

General skill tree/character buffs

I feel that Vigil: The Longest Night‘s “General” tab or skill tree has the most noteworthy improvements for you to choose from. These will buff Leila regardless of the weapons or items that she’s using.

Here are my suggestions:

  • Inner Light 3/3 – Increases max HP.
  • Soul of Blood 3/3 – Increases potion recovery.
  • Stoneskin 3/3 – Reduces physical damage taken.
  • Rejuvenation 1/1 – When receiving deadly damage, immediately revive and recover 30% of your health. The passive’s cooldown is restored when you return to Maye or interact with a save point. This passive is an absolute lifesaver in Vigil: The Longest Night‘s campaign.
  • Luck 3/3 – Increases item drop chance (up to 50%).
  • Meditation 3/3 – Increased stamina recovery rate.
  • Controlled Breathing 3/3 – Reduces stamina cost.
  • Potential Outbreak 1/1 – Poise will increase by 1% for every 2% drop in HP.

Vg Tln Sk General Tab Character Perks

Axe skill tree/heavy weapons

As mentioned, I prioritized using two-handed heavy weapons in Vigil: The Longest Night. I found the reach and damage quite higher compared to other weapon types.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Heavy Weapons Expertise 1/3 – Increases attack; put only one point here since the perk is currently bugged.
  • Whirlwind 3/3 – A spinning attack that damages surrounding enemies.
  • Mega Slash 3/3 – Cast a finishing slash after Whirlwind ends.

Whirlwind takes a chunk out of your stamina bar. However, with the above perks from the General tab, you should recover your stamina quickly enough, or at least offset any problems when Leila gets exhausted.

Vigil The Longest Night Skills Guide Best Skills Axe Heavy Weapons

Bow skill tree

I often relied on bows when battling bosses in Vigil: The Longest Night. This is because of predictable attack patterns, especially when they’re further away from your screen. As such, fast and charged attacks with the bow became very helpful.

Here are my suggestions for perks:

  • Multi Arrow 2/2 – Fire several arrows at the same time.
  • Air Volley 1/1 and Air Power Shot 1/1 – These let you shoot several arrows in mid-air.
  • Archery Specialization 3/3 – Reduces the damage penalty when arrows hit the same target.
  • Cycle 1/1 – Maintain your combo count if you hit with an attack just after the last one.
  • Chaos Jump 1/1 – Do a spin jump and shoot four arrows while on the ground.

Vigil The Longest Night Skills Guide Best Skills Bow

Vigil: The Longest Night is available via Steam.

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