war of the vikings (5)

Hiding behind a shield isn’t very viking-like, but it helps when taking screenshots.

Saxons, prepare to protect your valuables, because War of the Vikings launches today with all the ferocity of … well, an angry viking. Fatshark’s follow-up to War of the Roses has been hanging around in Early Access for the past six months or so, but has today emerged from its longships.

The most significant addition at launch is the appearance of five new maps for the game, across four different game modes. Tide (Team Deathmatch, Arena) has viking longboats stranded on a shoreline near a large Saxon force; Ice Floe (Team Deathmatch, Arena) is a snowy affair where the teams go at it surrounded by icebergs; Ravine (Team Deathmatch, Conquest, Pitched Battle) is a ravine; Ruins (Team Deathmatch, Arena) sounds a lot like the forest map that was already in the game, but is set in remote forest ruins; and Stronghold (Team Deathmatch, Conquest, Pitched Battle) sends you to a viking village that’s under siege.

In addition, any War of the Vikings player above level 10 during Early Access has been reset to level 10 for launch. Anybody who was under level 10 has just gone back to zero. There’s now an “Extreme” graphics option too, if you have a graphics card able to render beards in such stunning clarity.

To see said beards, as well as axes, angry yelling and horny hairy blood men, watch the launch trailer below. IncGamers will have a review of the game up pretty soon, after I’ve gone back in for a bit to look at these new maps.

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