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Sure, Warlander seems fairly easy. It’s mostly one game mode about capping respawn points and destroying the core of the enemy castle. But there are a few things you need to know that the tutorial doesn’t quite explain. To get you prepared for your big battle, we put together this Warlander tips and tricks guide for beginners.

Warlander beginner’s guide: Tips and tricks

Your characters and deck

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Your characters are closer to class and loadout combination than real, fleshed-out characters. And via the deck system, you’ll be able to use more than one per battle. If you’d like to know more about classes and what they do in Warlander, hit up our class guide.

  • Your deck size goes up to 5, but you can participate with fewer characters if you want.
  • Your inventory is shared between the characters. That is, if you earn a fancy new sword and have two Warrior characters, only one of them will be able to use it.
  • Outside of ranged weapons, which are shared between Warriors and Clerics, no other items are shared between classes, which gives you some freedom.
  • Talents are the only thing that’s shared between everyone, but exists in unlimited supply!
  • If you started out with 5,000 silver (non-premium currency), go purchase a more exciting spell to replace either Cleric’s Dispel or the Mage’s Crows.

How to prepare for the battle

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You have some options to think about before getting your boots muddy. While the game searches for a match, you are put in the training arena. Practice your spells and building on the NPCs there. Once a match is found, you’ll get to vote on your team tactics and squad specialties. This doesn’t have any real in-game effect, but helps organize the team a little.

  • You can’t spawn with your Title-having characters at the start of the match — you need more Valor points (score).

What to do now that you’re in a battle

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Your goal in Warlander is to destroy the enemy castle core while protecting your own. To do so, you must also capture towers. They serve as respawn and quick-travel points for the owning team. You capture towers by staying next to them for a period of time.

Each map has roughly three lanes leading from one fortress to another. They often have gates which can also be destroyed to ease your route of attack. To destroy fortress gates, you need to construct a ram and then push it to the gate. If the ram is destroyed, a new one can be built where it fell. Fortress cores also have side entrances, use them to get while avoiding the main melee.

Other tips:

  • Not all weapons are equally effective against people and siege weapons. Normally, any spell with flame is better against siege weapons and other emplacements.
  • Teleporting to a tower lets you change the character you’re controlling.
  • Priests and Warriors can get Valor from blocking attacks with their shields.
  • Wizards are easy to kill in melee.
  • Warriors and Clerics can block most ranged attacks with their shields.
  • Drop damage is mostly non-existent.
  • Take care around bottomless pits that often surround one or two of the lanes. Use knockback attacks to push enemies into them.
  • You can find spots where siege weapons can be built on the fortress walls and in the field. Help with these to pump up your Valor.

Warlander tips guide: After the battle

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Win, lose, or draw, you’re still getting some rewards once you complete a battle in Warlander.

  • You can gain weapons and spells for anyone
  • Only the characters that you actively used in battle will get XP and only for the actions they themselves performed

That does it for our Warlander tips and tricks guides for warriors in training.

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