September 5th, 2017

Warside trailer offers a touch of class(es)

Warside trailer offers a touch of class(es)

Warside - 03

The latest trailer for 2.5D multiplayer shooter Warside shows off what each of the classes can do.

Warside is a forthcoming multiplayer-focused free-to-play that pits teams of players against either each other or the AI in a battle for supremacy. Other than the expected modes like Team Deathmatch and Point Capture, Warside will also feature PvE modes like a survival mode and a dungeon run.

The game features five classes: Defender, Assault, Infiltrator, Destroyer, and Medic. Each of these can be levelled up outside of battles and equipped with different weapons, and as your characters level up, you’ll gradually advance through the game’s matchmaking leagues. As you might expect, the new Classes trailer focuses on the weapons and gadgets that each of these classes possesses.

We’ve got an interview with developer Kraken Games coming soon, so keep an eye out for that. Warside itself is currently on Steam Greenlight and is due out later this year; you can dive into the game’s open beta right now, although be warned that it’s currently all in Russian. The Classes trailer and some new screens can be found below.

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