The War Z producer on recent hate and controversy – “Haters gonna hate”

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During a Reddit AMA session with The War Z producer Tyler Sparks earlier today, he addressed the recent negative press surrounding the game

For the past few weeks, there has been stories about The  War Z being shut down after six months if Hammerpoint Interactive don’t reach a target goal of players. Much of  the drama surfaced following the banning of a forum moderator on the official forums and there has been a decent amount of tension on the forums since the incident.

In response to the negativity from some of the community and circulating news stories, Tyler responded:

My opinion of the hate/controversy is actually pretty simple – I take it as positively as I can. The fact that we’ve gotten so much attention means people care about the game. For every negative PM I receive about the way a feature functions, I do my best to breath and focus on the fact that the only reason i’m receiving it is because said person simply wants the game to succeed.

In terms of dying down? Hard to say. Over my career in video games i’ve come to take it all in stride – as they say, ‘haters gonna hate’.
This game is a huge point of pride for me. I walk tall, confident in the product we’ve released. If anything, I’m disappointed we weren’t able to deliver on all promises so far – but again, that’s taken with a grain of salt, as its tinged with the knowledge that it was simply our own ambition that tripped us up, and we’re learning from this.

The Q&A session also outlines the plans for the game in the weeks and months ahead focusing on adding new features,  sorting out some of the bugs,  and anti-cheat measures.

Read the full session here.

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