Warzone 2 Third Person Trios Removed Will It Return

Following a playlist update for Warzone 2, some players have noticed that one of its game modes has disappeared. Before the update, you could play Third Person Trios, but it is no longer available. This has fans of the mode wondering why it was removed and if it is going to return. Here’s why Third Person Trios was removed in Warzone 2 and the likelihood of it ever returning.

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Will Warzone 2 Third-person mode return?

Neither Infinity Ward nor Raven Software is particularly vocal when it comes to making changes. This often frustrates the community, as Warzone players are left wondering why certain decisions were made with no official explanation given. The latest victim of this approach is the removal of Third Person Trios, which has left fans of the mode confused.

Third Person Trios has been available in Warzone 2 since its launch around a month ago. To have the only third-person mode removed from Warzone 2 so early into its life is strange. Even so, we can take a pretty good guess as to why Raven has removed it and if it’s going to return.

Warzone 2 Third Person Trios Removed Playlist Update

Third Person Trios was removed in favor of Battle Royale Trios. Screenshot by PC Invasion.

Third Person Trios was likely removed due to it being the least populated game mode in Warzone 2. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with third-person shooters, but that isn’t the experience that most Call of Duty players are interested in. Call of Duty has been almost exclusively a first-person shooter series since the beginning. Raven probably has data showing that there’s not enough demand to justify running a third-person mode. Although the scale of the recent outcry on social media would suggest otherwise.

It’s difficult to say if it will return or not, but there’s a good chance. The work has already been done to create a third-person mode, so it would be a waste of developer resources to never use it. The third-person mode returning after being removed from Warzone 2 as a full-time mode, however, is unclear. Although, it would be surprising if Raven reintroduced it as a time-limited mode in the future.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is free to play on both Battle.net and on Steam.

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