I genuinely can’t remember if this information has been announced previously, but it’s probably worth reminding Wasteland 2 owners that they’ll get the new edition for free.

“All previous crowdfunding backers and any purchasers of the original edition of Wasteland 2” will be offered a free upgrade to the forthcoming ‘Game of the Year’ version.

The GotY release will switch the game engine over to Unity 5 (rather than a previous version of Unity,) which inXile say will allow them to add “improved environment textures, character models, and Physically Based Rendering for more impressive lighting.” In addition to that, they say “thousands” of new lines of voiced dialogue have been recorded for the in-game characters.

“We wanted to re-affirm our gratitude to our backers and our dedication to RPG fans, as we have been most fortunate to return to our roots,” inXile CEO Brian Fargo comments.

Wasteland 2’s gameplay will also get some tweaks in the GotY version. New ‘Perks & Quirks’ will enable greater customisation of Desert Ranger squads, and a new targeting system called ‘Precision Strike’ will let you aim at specific body parts during combat.

“Game balance, item drops, and reworked combat encounters” are promised too, just for good measure.

Wasteland 2’s ‘Game of the Year’ release is scheduled for late summer 2015. Here are some images from the new version.

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