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There’s no question that PC gaming can turn into an expensive hobby. There any number of modifications to make to the parts on the inside of your gaming rig. Once you’ve got everything internally pumping on all cylinders, it’s now time to think outside the box, literally. Keyboards, monitors, mice, and sound all start to become part of the equation. But, Amazon might just have the solution for you with its AmazonBasics line of branded products.

You’re So Basic

The brand that Amazon introduced in recent years offers options instead of paying full price for name brand products. For example, during the holiday season, I was looking for a rather inexpensive digital condenser mic for light voice recording. Low and behold, Amazon had an offering that was generally $15-20 USD less than others see online and in stores. This was the same case when I picked up a household paper shredder to rid my desk of pesky old paper statements.  The same price-conscious mindset has been deployed for its line of gaming PC products. I mean, you might not get the best quality per se (as seen in the video with the $69 soundbar) but the majority of the time, these products are intended to get the job done.

The Most Okayest, Ever

The majority of the products seen in the video seem like decent enough iterations of their name brand counterparts. For someone that did play with a few off-brand products growing up, like controllers, there’s sometimes no substitute for the real thing. However, if you’re looking to pick up something until payday, or even need something in the meantime, there are at least options out there so you don’t miss out on precious gaming time.

Who knows, you could end up like me and continue to buy that same, inexpensive PowerA controller from Best Buy.


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