With the release of the PS Vita, this week was probably the busiest of the year so far. Below you’ll find the highlights from our Vita coverage, but that’s not all.
    Away from the handheld arena, we’ve various reviews and previews. Including final scores for Syndicate, Crusader Kngs II and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. Previews are led by those for Shootmania Storm and Guild Wars 2, both of which are looking quite delightful.
    Then there’s the news round-up, including new info on a release date for Diablo III, a scam dating site for gamers and the launch of Killzone 3’s multiplayer as a standalone product – a decision we’re very much in favour of.
    Enjoy and stay tuned for much more next week.
    Image above is from Syndicate.

    Syndicate [360]- A familiar message
    Crusader Kings II [PC] – Infact brothers must die
    Asura’s Wrath [PS3] – Dragon ball of fire
    Alan Wake’s American Nightmare [360] – Waking up, again

    Vita Reviews

    WipEout 2048 – Palm racing
    Uncharted: Golden Abyss – Silver screen to small screen
    Everybody’s Golf – Par for the course
    Little Deviants – Muffed mini-games
    Lumines: Electronic Symphony – Block-rocking beats
    Rayman Origins – The best is back
    Ten of the best PS Vita games


    Guild Wars 2 – Beta first impressions
    Shootmania Storm – Destruction through creation
    I Am Alive – Survival in a monochromatic world


    Diablo III release date coming in the near future
    Dating site for gamers opens, but it’s all a scam
    Killzone 3’s multiplayer launching as standalone product
    Strategy Analytics: Vita success depends on price cut
    GAME plans to close 10% of stores
    PlayStation 4 to use AMD chip?
    First details of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
    Borderlands 2 due in September
    Final Fantasy XIII-2 does beachwear in new DLC
    IncGamers plays: Crusader Kings II 
    Bobby Kotick made member of Coca-Cola board
    Pokemon on iTunes is a fake [Beware]
    Activision claims that it doesn’t blacklist journalists

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