Werewolf The Apocalypse Earthblood Skills Guide Best Skills

Tactical perks

Let’s talk about Cahal’s Tactical perks. These are generally those used during exploration and stealthily making your way through various rooms.


Anyway, the tables are formatted as thus: skill/perk and points required followed by the effect and, lastly, any additional comments.


Electric Bolts (1) Crossbow bolts can destroy security cameras, reinforcement entries, and turrets. Not that useful since you’ll find lots of rooms to disable these objects, but it is a pre-requisite for the next perk.
Expanded Magazine (2) The crossbow can hold two additional bolts. Having extra ammo is always a good thing.

Rage Generation

Furtive Hunter I (1) Takedowns increase rage gain even more. Ignore
Furtive Hunter II (2) Crossbow kills increase rage. Ignore


Marksmanship I (1) Slow-motion is activated upon detection. Aiming is a bit janky due to camera issues.
Marksmanship II (2) Mark multiple enemies and chain-kill them. Ignore

Wolf Form

Spiritual Link (1) Penumbra Vision perceives distant enemies when in wolf form. Useless, but it’s a pre-requisite for the next perk.
Camouflage (2) Wolf form is harder to detect unless you’re running. One of the most helpful perks to obtain.

Extra Rage Pips

Release the Wolf I (1) Gain an extra rage slot. You can ignore both of these in the early-game. I’ll explain further below.
Release the Wolf II (2) Gain two more rage slots.

While completing Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood‘s campaign, I hardly made use of multiple rage slots that have been filled. I tend to spam one particular skill that’s equally cheesy and reliable, and it works even if the rage pip isn’t full yet. That brings us to the next section: Cahal’s combat abilities while in Crinos form.

Werewolf The Apocalypse Earthblood Skills Guide Best Skills 2

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