What does Eye of Another World do in Destiny 2? Answered

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Drip is everything in a game like Destiny 2, and they know it. The exotic weapons and armor pieces have an incredible design team behind them that have every new season looking better than the last. That isn’t to say that the older pieces don’t also absolutely slap, so much so that they’ve even brought back the ability to create the classics again. One of my favorites, and one I have worn on my Warlock for a long time, is the Eye of Another World, which not only looks great but does great things in Destiny 2.

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What does Eye of Another World do in Destiny 2?

Eye of Another World was actually released all the way back in Season 1, and it’s taken this long for players to really get on board with it. I’ve always known it’s a great helm, but it does take a little while to realize just why it works the way it does. What Eye of Another World does in Destiny 2 is rather subtle.

Highlights Destiny 2 enemies

On the surface, Eye of Another World highlights enemies and picks them out in your vision. Enemies with health below 50% show up with a red outline. Furthermore, enemies with their super charged show up with a yellow one. This is incredibly helpful in PvP as you can pick off the players close to death and stay well away from those that are charged right up.

What does Eye of Another World do in Destiny 2? Explained

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Eye of Another World passive airborne effectiveness

This little boost makes you just that bit more powerful in the air. An extra 15 points of airborne effectiveness are added. This is a great perk for me as I play mostly off the ground, picking off enemies from above. Therefore, combined with dashing and floating, you can become your team’s air support.

But what else does Eye of Another World do?

Eye of Another World was released back in the day. This was when Bungie didn’t really want anyone to know what the exotics could really do. They wanted everyone just to figure it out themselves. Therefore, there are a few extras that Eye of Another World can do that you may not have noticed.

The helmet actually reduces the cooldown rate of your melee, grenade, and class ability. The reduction is quite significant and can be a huge boost to your build, especially with the right mods equipped.

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