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What is the best place to get a bow in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)?

When the bow breaks...

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll find a variety of bows you can use to take down airborne enemies, or to hit targets otherwise out of range. But they wear out quickly, and you’re bound to need plenty of replacements along the line. This guide tells you the best place to get a bow in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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What is the best place to get a bow in Tears of the Kingdom?

There are multiple factors to consider the next time you go hunting for a bow in Hyrule. Bows are all over the place, but not all of them are worth an inventory slot. You want something durable with solid attack power.

The best place to get a bow changes over the course of the game, and based on your current needs. I’ll cover a few places I go for my bows throughout the campaign, because it turns out I break a lot of them. Even the best bows aren’t as durable as one might hope.

Totk Bows Hunting Bokoblins Near Lookout Landing

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Early in the game, look for bows near Lookout Landing. You will find enemy camps populated by foes that typically consist of a few Bokoblins and sometimes a larger ally. There is usually a lookout that carries a bow.

Bokoblin lookouts drop the Boko Bow when they are weak, or possibly something better if you find blue and black variants. The Spiked Boko Bow has an attack rating of 12 and may also offer the Quick Shot ability. If you are careful, you can sometimes sneak up on a camp (look for a campfire at night) and find weapons leaning against logs or rocks. Steal them before any fight begins.

Totk Bows Steel Lizal Bow

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When you expand your roaming to include Hyrule’s outer reaches, the enemies you find carry better equipment. Once you acquire the Flamebreaker armor, I suggest scavenging for bows after defeating Lizal enemies around the Death Mountain and Deep Akkala regions. The strongest ones sometimes drop durable and powerful bows, including the Steel Lizal Bow. It’s one of my favorite standard bows in the game. Remember: enemies carry the best gear right around the time of a Blood Moon.

Totk Bows Demon Kings Bow

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Certain mini-boss enemies carry worthwhile bows you won’t find elsewhere. Phantom Ganon drops the powerful Demon King’s Bow, for instance. If you know how to defeat Phantom Ganon, you can farm that weapon by visiting locations he frequents. Lynel drops the Lynel Bow when defeated. It fires a handy spread shot and you will likely want to keep one around.

When all else fails, check treasure chests in shrines, the Depths, and in various remote ruins. Sometimes, those chests contain bows. However, I get most of my bows from raiding enemy camps, or when I’m gathering materials to upgrade armor.

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