Tamagotchi Animal Well
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What to do with the Tamagotchi in Animal Well

For the fitness freaks out there.

So you have managed to make it to the house at the end of the game and found the Tamagotchi. However, what it is used for isn’t exactly obvious, and with the way Animal Well plays, you know the Tamagotchi is going to hold some secrets.

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How to use the Tamagotchi in Animal Well

The first use for the Tamagotchi is as a pedometer. This may seem kind of useless. But there are actually a lot of chests that lock themselves off after a certain amount of steps. When you first go into the Tamagotchi, you will notice your step counter.

Animal Well Tamagotcho
Screenshot: Kenshi Wins/YouTube

The best way to ensure you get all the secrets of the Tamagotchi in Animal Well is by waiting for the steps to roll around past the 99,999 mark and back down to 0. Once it has rolled over, you will be able to get all the secrets of the Tamagotchi, receive the Pedometer, and the secret windings code.

If you’re way over 100, leave your PC or console running Animal Well and walk against the side wall while you’re AFK. You should cover about 1,000 steps a minute.

Wingdings in Animal Well

The second Animal Well puzzle has to do with the weird code you receive when you enter the Tamagotchi. If you reach the end of the walk with less than 100 steps you receive the strange message. This puzzle has kept Animal Well’s secret hunters awake for a long time.

Tamagotchi Animal Well Wingdings
Screenshot: YouTube Kenshi Wins

Around the game are many very hard-to-find Wingdings messages. Even now, the full set hasn’t been found, and yet the game has been brute-forced by frustrated players.

Each message collected, like the one from the Animal Well Tamagotchi, needs to be entered into the house calendar. Once entered, a path begins to reveal itself. Not all of them have been found, but the path has been revealed.

The final puzzle from the Tamagotchi in Animal Well leads to a hidden island in the game. Here, players find a chest that not only congratulates their tenacity but also has a personal message from Billy Basso, Dunkey, and Dan Adelman. The general message of the messages is that they cannot believe players managed to actually work the puzzle out. I agree.

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