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All secrets in the Skull Room in Animal Well

A grim tale.

You may have come across the Skull Room in Animal Well and wondered how to access the two chests and what other secrets are held within. There is more than you realize in Animal Well’s Skull Room.

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How to access the chests in the Skull Room in Animal Well

Once you access the Skull Room in Animal Well., you may notice the two chests on the left side of the room. Both of these can be accessed in different ways depending on how well you have completed the game. The skulls in this room represent just how many times you have died in the game.

Animal Well Skull Room
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So, to get to the top chest, die as many times as you want and leave a huge pile of skulls in the room in Animal Well. This top chest will contain an upgraded Bubble Wand, which will allow you to blow even more bubbles.

However, getting the bottom chest is going to be really hard. The only way you’re ever going to find out what is in the bottom chest in the Skull Room is by completing a deathless run of Animal Well. This will allow you to access the lower half of the room and get yourself a rather nice little souvenir for the house at the end. This is reserved for the elite.

Other Animal Well secrets in the Skull Room

You may have noticed that there are a number of faces on the wall of the skull room in Animal Well. These correspond to a flute tune you will have to play later on in a separate room. You will find the next part of this code in the room at the top right of the map. Here, you will find the next part of the puzzle and the location where you will have to play this complex Skull Room secret. Write down the order of the faces.

I’ll give you a clue, use the remote on the TV at the end of the game. There may be a certain bunny interested in your music.

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