Funcom rounds up all the recently released information on the coming new features, content and AoC’s first ever expansion, ‘Rise of the Godslayer’. Get all the latest on Guild Renoun, PvP Towers, Tier Three Raids, the upcoming expansion, and player’s concerns and issues :The coming updates will include many great new features like Guild Renown system, new PvP Tower system, Tier 3 Raiding, and gearing up for our first ever expansion. We’re also listening and absorbing the feedback both from our test server community and forum communities to address some of the top concerns and issues. Below you will find each new feature and development as it stands right now but these will surely mature over time as we get closer and closer to their release!

    Guild Renown

    Guild Renown is a system whereby the actions of any individual player count towards their guild’s reputation. Collectively, guild members can level up their guild in three distinct categories to gain access to new guild rewards and bonuses. The system has two primary components, the Renown level, and also Renown rankings which place guilds against each other and measure your successes against those of other guilds on your server.

    Let’s take a look at the Renown levels first, before moving on to the rankings. Renown levels act much like the levels for your character, i.e., as you accrue Renown points through your actions in game, you will in effect ‘level up’ your guild.

    Almost every action in the game will earn some form of Renown points for your guild. There are three categories of Renown points that contribute to your overall Renown level:
    Valor points: Earned from PVE gameplay, killing mobs, doing quests, beating bosses and raids. Glory points: Earned from PVP activities like winning mini-games. Artisan points: Earned through crafting actions. Your Renown level is a combination of all three of these totals, which allows you to level up your Renown level in any way you choose. You do not have to do all of the categories if you do not want to. It will be perfectly possible to try and level up your Renown level with any combination of the above actions.
    As your Renown level grows, you will earn new rewards for you and your guild and access new features for your guild cities, like new pet or mount vendors, and even another new building type for your city, among other amenities. Some of these new rewards will benefit every member directly, and some will be for the guild as a whole. You will get more details on the rewards themselves when the update goes to the test servers.

    Renown rankings are where the competitive element comes in. People like to claim bragging rights, and the Renown ranking system will allow players to see how their guild has compared to others both on the overall Renown earned and also in each individual category. You will be able to see which guild has accrued the most Valor, Glory, or Artisan points in any given period. The rankings will reset after each ranking period (currently planned to be weekly, but that may be adjusted during testing), and everyone starts on equal footing.

    PvP Towers

    During the update 1.06 cycle we will be adding a new system to the Border Kingdoms that will allow players to fight over new PVP Tower locations. This system is being designed to allow more players access to objective based PVP game play without needing the resources to own a full Battlekeep.

    Tier Three Raids

    The coming update brings the next expansion to the raid content in Age of Conan. Thoth Amon’s Stronghold will become available for raiders to explore, fight and die in! With over half a dozen great new encounters the Stronghold will introduce players to tier three raiding complete with new armor and other new rewards. Thoth Amon has long been a thorn in king Conan’s side and players will be able to experience the battle with this iconic Conan villan for themselves…will they stand loyal to the King and be able to thwart the plans of this most powerful of adversaires.

    ‘Rise of the Godslayer’ Expansion

    The most important development would be our first ever expansion ‘Rise of the Godslayer’. Inspired by the rich and colorful cultures of eastern Asia, ‘Rise of the Godslayer’ will send players on a voyage through the Empire of Khitai where countless hours of more brutal, sexy and savage adventure awaits. ‘Rise of the Godslayer’ not only introduces a whole new storyline and a vast new world to explore, it also adds new features such as faction gameplay and an alternate advancement system.

    Concerns and Issues

    The list wouldn’t be as complete unless we also addressed some of the important concerns and issues affecting our game and player community. We will continue our efforts to tweak and improve the siege and dungeon issues reported by the official forum and in-game communities on live. We’ve already made several changes to the siege systems in 5.6 and will continue to make these as more reports come in.

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