Where Should You Deploy Ranged Units And Other Troops In Wuthering Waves
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Where should you deploy ranged units, infantry, and special task force in Wuthering Waves?

Turn the tides of battle.

During Chapter 1 Act 6 of Wuthering Waves, Jiyan will eventually ask Rover to help with some battle plans. You’re tasked with placing ranged units, infantry, and the special task force. So where should you deploy ranged units and the other troops in Wuthering Waves?

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Wuthering Waves: Where should you deploy ranged units and other troops?

While playing through this quest in Wuthering Waves, I was wondering where I should deploy the ranged units and other troops. In the end, it doesn’t seem to matter where you choose to place your ranged units, infantry, and special task force.

Where Should You Deploy Ranged Units And Other Troops In Wuthering Waves Grand Warstorm
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Once Jiyan pulls you to the battle plan meeting you’ll get to place three separate troops with three different options of where they should go. While this may sound daunting at first, I wouldn’t worry too much about where you place your units. Although it seems like you have choices here, I succeeded in this quest with my choices and I’m assuming that the choices are just for fun.

Since the “Grand Warstorm” quest is a main quest, it would be difficult to give players a choice that could hinder their success. If this was a side quest I could see your choices being detrimental, but it seems like no matter which positions you choose you’ll end in victory. Here’s how I deployed my ranged units, infantry, and special task force:

  1. Ranged units: On the cliffs, from the sides of the valley.
  2. Infantry: From the front.
  3. Special task force: Target the weak point in their formation.
Where Should You Deploy Ranged Units And Other Troops In Wuthering Waves Infantry
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I placed the ranged units on the cliffs to be at a vantage point, the infantry at the front to push against the enemies, and the special task force (my group) alongside the infantry to target any weak points. I would be surprised to see any of the choices given end up with a failed mission, so no matter what you choose you should be fine.

If you’re looking to choose answers that actually matter, the Secret Investigation quest has you learn a fake identity and you’ll be quizzed on information studied.

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