Starfield New Homestead Ship Services Technician Sells Nova Galactic Parts
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Where to buy Nova Galactic ship parts in Starfield

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In Starfield, you will quickly acquire a ship that carries you around the galaxy. It’s rather basic. You can upgrade it to make it more useful, and even buy new ships, and then you can upgrade those ships too. There are numerous different manufacturers, including one called Nova Galactic. Here is our guide telling you where to buy Nova Galactic ship parts in Starfield.

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Starfield – where to buy Nova Galactic ship parts

Not all Nova Galactic ship parts fit all available ships. You will likely acquire many ships over the course of the campaign. As you expand your fleet, you’ll need to buy from multiple manufacturers to get the best results. To buy Nova Galactic ship parts, head to New Homestead.

Starfield Titan In Sol System Starmap

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New Homestead is easy to overlook. In fact, I didn’t notice the settlement until I had played the game for dozens of hours. You’ll find it on Titan, in the Sol system. New Homestead is built on one of Saturn‘s numerous moons (see the above screenshot).

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When you arrive in New Homestead, the Ship Services Technician waits directly ahead of you. He stands near a kiosk at the top left side of the ramp. Talk to him to have the option to buy a variety of parts. These include the NG160 Grav Drive and the NG170 Grav Drive for the Frontier. Remember that the exact options you have available depend on what ship you’re trying to outfit.

Starfield Nova Galactic Gravity Drives For Frontier

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Whenever you make a selection, pay attention to the stats. Watch for blue numbers, which represent an improvement compared to the part currently equipped. Be careful of the red numbers. They usually represent a downgrade, though I tend to ignore red when it simply indicates an increase to my vessel’s mass (up to a point). Also keep in mind what types of weapons you prefer to use. Not every “positive” upgrade will suit your play style.

Besides New Homestead, look for a limited selection of Nova Galactic components in New Atlantis. That’s hardly a surprise; New Atlantis seems to have a little bit of everything.

Starfield is available to purchase on Steam and the Microsoft Store.

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