Where To Find A Fishing Rod In No Rest For The Wicked
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Where to find a Fishing Rod in No Rest for the Wicked

Come here, fishies!

If you walk to the shore you’ll notice that you have the chance to go fishing, but where can you find the Fishing Rod in No Rest for the Wicked? Catching fish is good for preparing certain recipes, so let me show you where to look.

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No Rest for the Wicked: Where to find a Fishing Rod

All your useful tools such as your shovel, pickaxe, and axe must be found by you after you crash your ship, but where do you look first? You can find a Fishing Rod in No Rest for the Wicked on the western shore from where you spawned.

Where To Find A Fishing Rod In No Rest For The Wicked West
Screenshot: PC Invasion

After washing up on the beach, you’ll want to start walking west. Cross the wooden bridge and keep to the leftmost path until you reach a small part of the shore. At the shore of this area of the beach, you’ll see a dead body on the ground with a Fishing Rod on its body. That’s all it takes to grab the Fishing Rod!

How to catch fish in No Rest for the Wicked

The fishing minigame in No Rest for the Wicked isn’t really considered a minigame, as it’s incredibly easy to catch fish. All you have to do is walk up to a body of water containing fish and press the “E” key to throw a line in the water.

After that, just wait until you notice a fish biting the bobber. It’ll start to move around, letting you know a fish has latched onto it. Then just hit the “E” key again and you’ve caught your fish! At this point in the game, you probably don’t have any cooking recipes containing fish, but once you do you can cook fish at any campfire you find. There’s a campfire northeast of the location where you found the Fishing Rod.

This isn’t the last tool you need to collect, make sure you also find a Shovel to use at those mysterious dig spots.

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