Where To Find A Shovel In No Rest For The Wicked
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Where to find a Shovel in No Rest for the Wicked

Buried treasure!

Once you wash up on the shore of the island you’ll eventually find mysterious dig spots requiring a Shovel. So where can you find a Shovel in No Rest for the Wicked? We’ll show you where to look.

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No Rest for the Wicked: Where to find a Shovel

If you want to uncover those dig spots you’ll need a Shovel, but where exactly can you get yourself one? Just like other tools such as the Pickaxe and Axe you’ll need to find it yourself. You can find a Shovel in No Rest for the Wicked at Filmore’s shop in the Mess Hall.

Where To Find A Shovel In No Rest For The Wicked Map
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Currently, I’ve yet to spot the Shovel as a discoverable item in the open world, unlike other tools. Despite this, I was later able to purchase it from Filmore’s shop for 20 Copper coins. How do you unlock this shop? Well, it’s located here on the map with the star icon and you’ll need to find the Mess Hall Key to unlock the door.

Where To Find A Shovel In No Rest For The Wicked Mess Hall Key
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The key is easy to miss, but not too difficult to come by once you know your way there. From the locked Mess Hall door, walk to the red circle on the map above which is only a few feet east, and head down through the archway. You’ll see the key on a body, so pick it up and head back to the Mess Hall door.

Where To Find A Shovel In No Rest For The Wicked Filmore
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You’ll be facing three enemies once you get inside, so be cautious and take them down to save Filmore. Once that’s done, speak to Filmore and you can now repair your gear, sell items, and purchase things like the Shovel. It only costs 20 Copper coins, so buy it and equip it.

Now you can walk up to any dig spot and hold the “E” key to dig it up. Wait until the red bar is empty and you’ll find a random crafting material or two. Speaking of tools, you should also get a Fishing Rod, but I recommend you find it instead of purchasing it.

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