Where To Find All Old Birds Nests In Little Kitty Big City 10
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Where to find all old birds’ nests in Little Kitty Big City: Sticky Business Achievement guide

A little birdie told me.

The Sticky Business Achievement in Little Kitty, Big City asks you to destroy 10 old birds’ nests, but where can you find them all? The majority of these nests are hidden and must be discovered through platform puzzles, which makes it tricky to spot them.

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Little Kitty Big City: Where to find all old birds’ nests

Where To Find All Old Birds Nests In Little Kitty Big City 7
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Old bird’s nest 1 (6)

Start near your house where the dog is (make sure to feed them a bone to get past the dog) and climb on top of the boxes in front of where they’re eating. Once up top, make your way around to the open window to a bathroom, and you’ll find the bird nest sitting near the window.

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  • 2 Map

Old bird’s nest 2 (2)

Near the small supermarket with the black cat, walk across the street to the small alley with a puddle. You’ll see an open gate, so walk through, then under the open hole in the fence.

In this garden, you’ll want to hop up on the red and green crates, and then on the shelves with the planters. Keep heading forward until you see the air conditioner. Climb on top of it then onto the roof to find the bird’s nest.

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  • 8 Map

Old bird’s nest 3 (8)

Start on the road by the Tanuki and find the puddle in front of some vines on a building. Jump on the planter below the vines to avoid the water, then make your way up these vines all the way to the top. You’ll need four stamina to make it up here, so make sure to find those fish.

Once up top, run up the stairs and across the plank. Then climb on the shelf with the one plant at the edge of the roof and you’ll see the neighboring roof. You should also spot an old bird’s nest sitting on the adjacent roof’s vent, so jump over and knock it off.

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  • 1 Map

Old bird’s nest 4 (1)

Also near the Tanuki is a construction site, and behind it is a dog guarding the path ahead. Feed the dog a bone, then climb up the stairwell. Jump on the white vents on the outside of this building and at the end is the old bird’s nest.

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  • 7 Map

Old bird’s nest 5 (7)

By the orange cat is a set of vines climbing up a beige building. Make your way up these vines until you reach the two air conditioners at the top left. Across from you is a building with a brown terrace, so jump to there.

Continue along the railing to a third building with a stone awning. At the end is a bird’s nest, so jump to this next building and hit the nest.

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  • 3 Map

Old bird’s nest 6 (3)

Take a Tanuki portal for the first time and you’ll end up in a garden with a Shiba. In the garden you’ll find some vines outside of a greenhouse, so climb up to the roof. You’ll then see a tree branch beside you with a bird’s nest hanging on it. Just jump to the branch and the nest should break.

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  • 10 Map

Old bird’s nest 7 (10)

Begin at the Duck’s shrine and you’ll spot to the left of the entrance a large blue truck with various boxes. Climb up onto the truck which then leads to the awning of the adjacent building. Run along where you see the fans blowing, but wait until they stop to cross.

If you run in front of the blowing fans you’ll be tossed off the roof, so be careful. Curl around the building until you see one more fan in front of the vines. Wait for that the stop blowing then quickly jump up.

Get off of the vines and drop on the metal pipe to your left. Curl around the building again, then hop up on the white boxes. Keep heading in that same direction and do some parkouring until you make it to some wires connecting to another building. Cross the bridge of wires, then turn right and jump on the large white sign.

You can leap across the sign and back to the building you were just at. Once you get to the metal pipes, jump onto the box with the blue cloth, and keep heading up until you find the roof with the mini golf set up. At the back corner of the roof is the old bird’s nest.

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Old bird’s nest 8 (4)

Start at the Duck’s shrine again but instead, you’ll turn down the street to the right of the entrance. Run down the narrow path until you see a hole in the wall. Crawl through and you may see the bird’s nest sitting on the ground.

Strangely enough, most players won’t find it on the ground, so I have no idea why my nest was just sitting there. Normally, you have to climb up the vines ahead of you, and then hop onto the metal pipes. Curl around the building and keep parkouring till you get to another small metal pipe.

Don’t jump forward, but turn back around and jump onto the metal pipe above you. The bird’s nest is at the end of this pipe if you curl around the building once more.

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  • 9 Map

Old bird’s nest 9 (9)

Find the vines near your home that you first jumped on when gaining the ability to climb vines. Hop over this fence then climb another set of large vines on the building to your right. You’ll need four stamina for this as well to make it up to the air conditioners.

Once up top, walk across the bridge of wires then climb up the next set of vines at the end of the building. Up top, you’ll find a fence with a hole to crawl through. Once through, head into the house and you’ll briefly see your Crow friend. Hop onto the kitchen counter and walk through the open window. Outside of the window is an awning with this bird’s nest.

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  • 5 Map

Old bird’s nest 10 (5)

Northwest of the duck’s shrine is a road with a nice red car parked on the side of the road. Climb up the vines beside the car and you’ll easily spot this bird’s nest at the edge of this awning.

That was a lot of work, but you finally knocked over all the old birds’ nests and earned the Sticky Business Achievement! Speaking of finding things, you may also want to find all 42 hat locations to make your cat character look even cuter.

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