Where to find and farm Energetic Rhino Beetle in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Totk Energetic Rhino Beetle On Tree In Kakariko Village
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There are a lot of insects in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It’s easy to watch them fly by and think nothing of it, but you could be overlooking a valuable resource. The rarest insects can be used to produce powerful elixirs, or sold for rupees. Here is our guide explaining where to find and farm the Energetic Rhino Beetle in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom – where to find and farm Energetic Rhino Beetle

If you find yourself growing exhausted when you’re out climbing, you need an Energizing Elixir. To brew one, you must have at least one Energetic Rhino Beetle on hand. Given how often you may wish to restore your stamina, you could wind up using the recipe a lot.

To find and farm the Energetic Rhino Beetle, look on the Great Sky Island and in West Necluda. You can also sometimes find two or three of the beetle in the same location where you can find the Bladed Rhino Beetle in the Faron region. Unfortunately, the beetle is not plentiful in any of those locations, making it difficult to farm.

Totk Energetic Rhino Beetle Great Sky Island Location Map

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On the Great Sky Island, check head north from Nachoyah Shrine and explore the nearby wooded areas. You want to search after dark, so use a campfire to progress time to that point if needed. Near the campfire not far from the Temple of Time, I sometimes find a beetle on a tree (see the location map above).

Down on the surface, try searching forests populated by the walking tree enemy, Evermean. If you defeat an Evermean, it may (rarely) drop an Energetic Rhino Beetle. You can find the Evermean all over the map, but check near Sonapan Shrine along the eastern edge of Satori Mountain to find a few of them in a relatively confined space. Bring a stone ax weapon or something similar that can quickly cut through wood.

Totk Energetic Rhino Beetle Kakariko Village Location Map

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In the West Necluda region, look around Kakariko Village. The western entrance, down the hill from where you materialize at Makasura Shrine, features a large tree. See the location map above. There is sometimes a beetle perched on that tree, low enough that you can walk up to it to collect it. You might also want to check the large tree at the eastern entrance to the village, as well.

Remember that you won’t always find beetles at the above locations. However, you should still check them first when you’re looking for Energetic Rhino Beetles.

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