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Where to find and farm Indigoite in Wuthering Waves

Stock up on this rare ore to craft weapons.

While the best weapons in Wuthering Waves are obtained via the gacha system, you can craft powerful 4-star weapons, too. You’ll need resources like Indigoite to do this, and this ore is one of the rarest resources in the game.

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Thankfully, there are plenty of great spots throughout Solaris-3 to farm Indigoite so you can stock up fast. Each 4-star weapon at Uncle Wei’s weapon crafting station costs a whopping 150 Indigoite (or Scarletthorn) to make, so there’s a lot of mining in your future if you want to go that route.

How to Get Indigoite in Wuthering Waves

Indigoite is obtained by mining in Wuthering Waves. The ore is contained in rocks with purple crystals poking out of them. You can mostly find them around caves and mines. Destroying one of these rocks will net you one Indigoite, and everyone in your co-op session will receive one as well. If you run out of Indigoite in your world, you can visit a friend’s world to share some of theirs.

Best Indigoite Farming Routes in Wuthering Waves

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The absolute best place to farm Indigoite in Wuthering Waves is the Whining Aix’s Mire in the southeast corner of the map. Starting from the Port Gunchao Resonance Nexus, collect all of the Indigoite along the cliffs to the south and then work your way west to the Dim Forest to mine some more. Then, circle down toward the Feilian Beringal boss arena to collect a few more Indigoite before finally ending at the Fallen Grave south of the storm to mine two huge outcrops.

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While it’s not as efficient, there’s another great Indigoite farming route in the Central Plains north of Jinzhou that’s much easier to run. Starting at the Central Plains Resonance Beacon, head west to Qichi Village to find a nice outcrop of Indigoite. Then, head north to the Tempest Mephis boss arena to collect a few more before going east and circling around Tiderise Cliff. The entire route takes you in a complete circle, so you’ll end up back at the Resonance Beacon where you started.

Remember that you need over a hundred Indigoite to craft a 4-star weapon, so you’ll likely need to wait a few days for the ore to respawn so you can collect enough. You can also join someone else’s world in co-op and mine ore with them since everyone in the session shares Indigoite equally as well.

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