Where To Find And Farm Scarletthorn In Wuthering Waves
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Where to find and farm Scarletthorn in Wuthering Waves

A shiny red ore.

If you’re looking to craft some nice weapons in Wuthering Waves, you’ll need to know where to find and farm Scarletthorn. This is a red ore that is required to craft certain weapons, so here’s where to find it.

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Wuthering Waves: Best farming routes for Scarletthorn

When searching for Scarletthorn, you’ll want to look for the rock with a light-pink ore. There are a few great farming routes to gather Scarletthorn so you can craft some decent weapons. Here’s where you can find and farm Scarletthorn in Wuthering Waves.

Whining Aix’s Mire

Where To Find And Farm Scarletthorn In Wuthering Waves Whining Aixs Mire
Screenshot: PC Invasion (via WuWa interactive map)

Head southeast of Huanglong and you’ll eventually find Whining Aix’s Mire. If you trek along the northern and southern edges of this island you’ll spot these two Scarletthorn farming routes.

You should find around 13 ore spots near the top, and at the southern route, there are around 14. These spots are great since there are a few ore spots densely packed together.

Dim Forest

Where To Find And Farm Scarletthorn In Wuthering Waves Dim Forest
Screenshot: PC Invasion (via WuWa interactive map)

Just along the northern edges of the Dim Forest is a Scarletthorn route. Here, you’ll spot around 30 ore spots along the path above.

The good thing about this farming route is how linear it is. You shouldn’t have any trouble during this route and you’ll collect the Scarletthorn in no time.

Central Plains

Where To Find And Farm Scarletthorn In Wuthering Waves Central Plains
Screenshot: PC Invasion (via WuWa interactive map)

Around the Central Plains are two separate farming routes for Scarletthorn. The first one is in and around Qichi Village. Start at the village where you’ll find four ore spots, then head northeast to find eight more.

The next farming route is southeast of that location just below Tiderise Cliff. Jump off the cliff and you’ll find around 14 ore spots for Scarletthorn.

Desorock Highland

Wuwa Decorock Highland
Screenshot: PC Invasion (via WuWa interactive map)

Finally, you can find a decent farming route for Scarletthorn around Desorock Highland. Here, you’ll spot around 21 ore spots along this route.

It doesn’t matter where you start, just pick a starting point and make your way through this route. This one is pretty linear, but it may require a lot of climbing up and down cliffs.

There are plenty of other materials and items you can farm in Wuthering Waves besides Scarletthorn. You’ll want to also farm Tuners for Echoes.

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